Barcelona Moments

Better late than never, right?

Can you believe it has taken me 3 weeks to edit my Barcelona photos? And I’ll be going back there in another 2 weeks! Yes, really.

But in the meantime, let’s take a look at what I like to call ‘Barcelona Moments‘, i.e. random photos of this and that, or of whatever happened to catch my eye. Of course, if you follow my Photo Journal (= one of my 3 Instagram accounts), you’ve already seen a sample of these.

Barcelona moments

El Born

I’m not a very good tourist. I hate crowded places, and I steer clear of anything too ‘touristy’. I prefer to walk around more or less aimlessly, and I definitely do not plan my itinerary. 

But Professor M and I have visited Barcelona once or twice a year for the past 15 years, so we have seen our share of museums and landmarks, as well as shops, restaurants and hotels. And of course we have our favourites (shops, restaurants, whatever). As far as museums go, if you’re ever in Barcelona, the Chocolate Museum is a must.

This time we stayed in the very trendy El Born district, which is full of excellent restaurants and interesting shops. And the fabulous Parc de la Ciutadella was just across the street from our hotel.

Barcelona moments

Talking about shops… I was fascinated by this little shop in Ciutat Vella (= old town):

rubber ducks

rubber ducks

No, I didn’t buy anything. I’m a minimalist at heart, and even if I find something ‘cute’, or ‘interesting’, I only buy it if I really need (or want) it. And at the moment I don’t really need (or want) a rubber duck…

Easter delicacies, on the other hand… Well, we sampled a few. All in the name of research. Or cultural immersion. Whatever.

Barcelona 1300 x 800

Barcelona moments

Political messages were everywhere in Barcelona, of course:

Barcelona 1300 x 800

I’m absolutely in awe of the various forms of street art in Barcelona, whether it’s the colourful shop shutters or something else.

Barcelona shop shutters

Barcelona 1300 x 800

I hope you enjoyed my ‘Barcelona Moments


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  1. Arlene
    17 May 2019 / 11:23 pm

    Loved your photos! The rubber duckie shop was so unique. That chocolate shop would’ve been my first stop. Glad you had a nice time and it’s so great you’re going back again soon! Arlene fromNJ

    • Tiina
      18 May 2019 / 3:44 pm

      Barcelona is full of chocolate shops, and I did my best to sample as many of them as I could… But there’s also an actual chocolate museum, with chocolate sculptures (which you cannot touch or eat, unfortunately). It’s definitely on my top 10 museums to visit.

  2. 22 May 2019 / 2:35 am

    I did enjoy your peek at Barcelona . I know it is a favourite of yours and I certainly hope to revisit one day. The chocolate museum sounds fascinating , must put it on my list. Enjoy your next visit.

    • Tiina
      22 May 2019 / 10:17 am

      Thanks, Jill! Yes, the chocolate museum is great. They have a small coffee shop where they serve liquid chocolate. Not hot chocolate as we know it, but really thick, warm chocolate. That alone is worth a visit.

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