LOGO DESIGN Using Photoshop Filters

This is an easy way to make a logo, using an old photograph as the source image. All you need is Photoshop Elements 10 and about one hour. I am simplifying the process here a bit, but you get the idea and can adapt it to your purposes. What you do (which filters to use, how many layers etc) really depends on the source image, and there is no one-size-fits-all process, and you need to experiment a bit to get the best results.

This is the finalised logo:

photomanipulation elements 10
SOURCE IMAGE: my mother in 1962

Using the Photoshop layers and filters, this is what you should do:

photomanipulation elements 10

First, make a copy of the background image (in the layers panel), then switch it off and only work on the copy. Also, save the image you are working on under a different name (you don’t want to alter the original image, and this ensures you still have an intact copy of the original in your files.)

STEP 1: copy of background image / layer 1, now crop the image. Be careful not to crop too much, you can always size it to suit your purposes later. This is your first layer. Now duplicate it. In the next step you will use the copy you just made.

STEP 2: layer 2, prepare a ‘perfect base’. Go to Guided Mode  – Perfect Portrait and just follow the instructions. You may want to add a few tweaks here and there after this, e.g. increasing contrast (under Enhance – Adjust Lighting – Levels). Duplicate the layer and continue working on the copy you just made (you may want to get back to your ‘perfect base’ later so it is good to have a back-up copy, just in case)

STEP 3: now you are working on the layer you just made (your copy of the ‘perfect base’). Go to Filter – Brush Strokes – Sumi-e. Duplicate the layer 3 times (= you need 3 copies of this layer). Switch off all other layers.

Create  a new Colour Fill layer with solid colour, in white.

Now you have 3 copies of the image you are working on and one Colour Fill layer in white. Let’s reorganise the layers:

starting from the bottom you have

copy 1 (filter Sumi-e), blending mode Normal, Opacity 100%

copy 2 (filter Sumi-e), blending mode Luminosity, Opacity 43%

Colour Fill Layer, blending mode Luminosity, Opacity 22%

copy 3 (filter Sumi-e), blending mode Luminosity, Opacity 35%

STEP 4: Create a new document (File – New – Blank File), width 20, height 16, resolution 200 (for this particular image, you can also make a smaller image)

STEP 5: add a Colour Fill layer in black. Add a Frame (Basic White 10px). You can use Grid to help you place the frame (View – Grid), 

STEP 6: You now have 2 documents open: the new one you just created and the image you created (this one is in the Project Bin), now place the image you created in the frame (just drag it from the Project Bin), add text ( for vertical text, go to Text Tool, rightclick the little dot at the lower right corner of the Text Tool and select Vertical Type Tool), and type the text you want.

So, not so difficult, huh?

Wishing you happy photoshopping, 

Tiina L 

a.k.a the Dilettante Artist

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