SIZE MATTERS – Bigger is Better…

…when it comes to sunglasses, that is.


I’m still looking for the One. The one that would protect me and make me feel like I’m the most elegant woman in the world. The one that would go with all my outfits, in all situations… But I’m smart enough to know that no one pair of sunglasses is that perfect. And even if it was, I’m not: I have  a roving eye. Yes, I admit: I’m not the loyal type (when it comes to accessories, that is). I need change, I always fall for something new and different, even trendy at times. Or I just fall out of love with my current favourite and resume my search for the One.

My search started about 5 years ago, when I had my eyes lasered. For the first time ever I was not restricted to a limited range of smallish frames that could hold prescription lenses. It was like a whole new, very stylish world was suddenly within my reach, and I dove right in. After all, I had all those years of ugly prescription sunglasses to make up for. I was hungry for some real style…

My longest-running love affair has been with this pair (Chanel)
Photo by professor M

Yes, I like them big and bold. What’s the use of having sunglasses if you still need to squint your eyes? So, the bigger, the better. I may be a diva but I’m a practical one.

Size is not enough, of course; in my book, sunglasses are the ultimate luxury item (and much more affordable than shoes or bags, too). Think about it: what other item makes you look instantly cool, and allows you to hide any signs of late nights to boot? So, I won’t go for just any pair of oversized sunnies; there has to be a little something extra, maybe with more than a hint of old- school movie star glamour. But no bling – I won’t touch it if there is even a hint of Essex Girl… I’m a self-proclaimed snob, so I’m not ashamed to admit that when it comes to sunglasses I want something that reeks of class and looks expensive… Which is probably why I have managed to accumulate quite a collection of designer sunglasses. We won’t be having a family portrait of them here, though, as quite a few of them are currently unavailable (as in, tucked away in Homebase  2 whereas I’m typing this in Homebase 1).

Old Flames: left Prada, right Chanel

However, I do feel a bit uneasy, almost guilty, looking longingly at a new pair while killing time at the airport  (there are at least two shops to avoid at Gatwick South if I intend to stay loyal to my current favourite pair of sunglasses…).  I am trying to talk myself out of it, of course: nobody needs that many sunglasses, not really. And as much fun as it might be to play dress up and match sunglasses to outfits, it’s not very practical. Not when you live in two countries, and at least half of your wardrobe is always in the wrong country ( = the one you’re not in) at any given time. It just gets too complicated. After all, my goal is to travel light, so having just the one, perfect pair of sunglasses to go with anything would really be ideal.

Yes, perhaps the One is still out there, just waiting for me to find it…

My current favourite (Tom Ford)


from top left: 
Linda Farrow , Tom FordTed Baker,
Oscar de la RentaLinda Farrow Diane von Furstenberg ,
BulgariAlexander McQueenTom Ford

I’m currently having a serious style crush on the Bulgari embellished sunglasses (see above, the first one bottom left), even though I don’t usually go for that much bling. But I guess there’s a time for everything…

What do you think, does size matter?

Elegantly yours, 

Tiina L

a.k.a. Amateur Fashionista

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  1. Patti
    6 April 2014 / 9:23 pm

    Ah, a lifetime love affair indeed. The Chanels are pretty fabulous! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    • Tiina L
      7 April 2014 / 8:45 am

      Thank you, Patti. I was happy to finally take part as I have been reading your blog for a while and find it very inspirational.

  2. Jan Graham-McMillen
    7 April 2014 / 11:19 pm

    You look lovely in your new beauties, but happily and unlike husbands, no fidelity to sunnies is required! That said, I cut lots of hair off this year, and my old Wayfarer favorites make my hair stick out at weird angles now. More shape than size for me. So I begged for a pair of Ray-Ban aviators for Christmas and was besotted! Then I saved and scrimped for the same aviators in all black (very pricey for me) and fell even deeper in love. The lighter construction works a charm, but more than anything, they fit beautifully and really make a difference on my twice-weekly long drives westward into the sun. Good sunglasses are a health necessity … so nice that they're a highly stylish accessory as well!Glad you came out to play at Patti's VM!

    • Tiina L
      8 April 2014 / 8:52 am

      Aviators are so cool… I've always wanted to have them, but unfortunately they don't suit me, the shape of my face, I mean. I've noticed that square glasses suit me best, and I was thrilled to find the pair of white Chanels I have in one of the pictures, as they are sort of square / butterfly shaped aviators.

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