That was the question my husband asked me when we were talking about holiday destinations for this spring. I had been toying with the idea of a day trip to Paris, given that it would be just a short train ride from HomeBase 2, and I haven’t been to Paris for about 10 years or so.

But what he was suggesting was something else.

You see, we usually celebrate my birthday in Barcelona: just a few days to relax, a  little break from work at the most hectic time of the year, and a rare occasion when I and my husband can both take a few days off, at the same time, that is. But this year my birthday is in the middle of the week… So, no Barcelona in June.

We’ll have to take our long weekend earlier in spring, if we want to spend it together, that is. And this would be a perfect opportunity to go to Paris, if I really wanted to, but that would mean no Barcelona this year.

So, Paris or Barcelona, which one will it be?

 It’s a no-brainer, really: Barcelona wins every time.


 Most people might argue that the whole point of travelling is discovering new places and learning something new, but for people who spend their days running from one place to another (that would be me) or looking for things that are most likely in their other home, in another country (both of us), just being able to stop for a while and enjoy the scenery is the best holiday. After all, the whole point is to take a break from the daily grind, not more of the same, right? And yes, it is nice to know that we don’t have to waste a moment of our few days looking for a place to have lunch as our favourite restaurants, bakeries and shops are exactly where we left them last year.

But most importantly, Barcelona is still my dream holiday destination, and I have come to rely on our annual long weekend to give me a dose of that quirky, creative energy that makes me see everyday items in a new light.
So, stay tuned for more posts as I plan to explore one of my favourite cities in more detail….


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