Style Crush: Leopard Print

Recently I have been ogling all things leopard…

Style crushes come and go… and when they go, you’re left with items that work with absolutely nothing in your wardrobe and a nagging sense of ‘what the hell was I thinking’.

Still, they’re hard to resist… the internal debate goes something like this:

Inner Fashionista: “But leopard print looks so cool… ”

Voice of Reason: “And brown tones wash me out completely, make me look as if  I haven’t slept for a week.”

Inner Fashionista: “Maybe just accessories… very glamorous…”

Voice of Reason: “Only if you get a whole new wardrobe to go with your new accessories.”

leopard print accessories
bangle, shoulder bag, tote bag, sunglasses, ballerina flats, slippers 

So, I’m resisting my latest style crush, knowing very well that in a few months I would regret blowing my clothing budget on something that has no longevity, instead of something I could wear every day.

Still, I did get the tortoise shell Miu Miu sunglasses last spring… And it wasn’t easy to find them: I remember running around London looking for them, and how excited I was when I finally tracked down a pair at Liberty’s…

Since then I have been trying to mix and match them with  my existing wardrobe… I usually wear them with something blue, or blue and white stripes, but I think these sunglasses need to be matched with something with a bit more oomph… Maybe if I add leopard print shoes…

How do you deal with completely out-of-character style crushes?


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  1. Sunny
    28 August 2014 / 6:09 pm

    First, I have to say sorry. Because my English fashion vocabulary is pretty bad. But I hope I can explain my thoughts with regard to leopard print shoes in particular an annimal prints in genaral.I never where brown, sand, camel and colours like that…. they let my look very ill. I prefer cool winter/summer colours. But recently I had the funny idea to buy cool leopard print shoes…I know, they won't fit to anything in my wardrobe. Perhaps chelsea boots???? Crazy. I won't wear them. I know it, but the wish is very big….Have a good timeSunny

    • Tiina L
      29 August 2014 / 7:49 am

      I know what you mean… I prefer cool colours, too, and they suit my own colouring better. But sometimes I just want something new, I guess the trick is to make it work with everything else. Maybe with red?

    • Sunny
      31 August 2014 / 7:04 pm

      Hey, yes, maybe. Never thought about red to combine it with leo-colours. Have a good timeSunny

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