I’m not a fan of ‘romantic’ style, or ‘romantic’ anything, for that matter. In fact, I think I may very well be the least romantic woman in the world (my husband would agree…). 

So, why am I suddenly drawn to big flowery necklaces? 

Who knows, my style crushes come and go. It’s statement necklaces today and punk tomorrow, been there… Still, the last time I had floral anything in my wardrobe must have been in the early 90s.

That doesn’t mean a floral statement necklace wouldn’t me my ‘thing’ in the long-run; it’s all about how to style it.

Floral statement necklaces

Dresses from left: LelaRose, L.K.Bennett, Oasis, Temperley London

Necklaces from top left: Forever 21, Forever 21, Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta,
bottom left:,,, J.Crew, Stella&Dot

Obviously, frills are out of the question (childhood traumas: all those – quite pretty – frilly dresses my mother made me wear…). And flowy layers look far too fussy for my liking, and would breach my only-one-messy-item-per-outfit rule (my curly hair sort of fills that quota…). So, no boho or hippie looks for me.

So, how would I style a necklace like this, then?

A ladylike, streamlined, fitted dress, maybe with a hint of Mad Men (the early 60s version), that’s the answer.

What do you think? Would that work?

Elegantly yours, 


Amateur Fashionista

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