Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the midnight sun… We don’t really see the midnight sun in Southern Finland, though… However, it doesn’t really get dark at night, either; it is impossible to see the stars (until mid-July) and there’s really no need for streetlights. But, just for fun, let’s compare:

Midsummer daylight hours:

in Helsinki (Southern Finland): 18 h 55 min, sunrise at 3:55, sunset at 22.50 pm.

in Utsjoki (Northern Finland): 24 h, sunrise was on 16 May at 01:49 am,  sunset will take place on 28 July 00:50 am.

Midsummer also marks the beginning of summer holiday (vacation for my American readers) for a lot of people, including me. I will take time off from work, till August. Yes, that’s a long holiday… the ‘perks’ of being a freelancer (along with irregular income…): there’s never any work between Midsummer and August. But that’s OK as I’m going to need a bit of me-time and relaxing before a very busy autumn.

So, what am I going to do on holiday? Well, there will be dinners with friends, commuting between the homebases, spending a bit more time with hubby (well, in the evenings and at weekends; he’s still working…), and blogging, of course.

Do you celebrate midsummer?



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