I would love to collaborate on projects that might be of interest to me and my readers. I'm happy to review products for a fee, and will always give my 100% honest opinion.
I'm also happy to consider gifted items when they suit my personal taste and style. However, I will always reserve the right to decide if and when I feature the gifted item. All gifted items will be marked c/o, and any links will always be no-follow in accordance with the Google policy on paid links.

Please note that I don't do the following:

guest posts, pre-written content, paid links, brand images, free advertising

I will also delete all comments left with the sole purpose of advertising a brand or a product. It's very simple: if you want me to advertise your product / service, you must be willing to pay for it. Seems fair, doesn't it?

If you wish to contact me, whether to suggest collaboration or for any other reason,
just fill in the form below.

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