My name is Tiina L, and this blog is my little project where my creative Alter Egos can come out and play. Perhaps I should describe myself briefly:
As an Ageless Diva, I will not reveal my exact age... Not that there is anything wrong with aging, and I am definitely in favour of aging naturally. But just in case, I guess it is a good thing that I'm also a Dilettante Artist with a serious Photoshop addiction.

I am a classy and fabulous Amateur Fashionista, whose shoes always seem to be in the wrong country. This is probably because I'm also a Lifestyle Commuter who likes to travel light, jetting from Homebase 1 (a big city in a small Nordic country) to Homebase 2 (a small town in the U.K.). Even though I breeze through airports with the elegant ease of a seasoned frequent flyer, I am a Bad Tourist who prefers room service and shopping to sightseeing.

Tiina L

I would also like to be an elegant and competent hostess, so I am organising my blog posts into categories to make it easier for you, my dear visitor, to find content that matches your interests:

  • Outfits: all the outfits I've posted on the blog
  • Style Icon: this is where I discuss and pay tribute to people who have influenced my personal sense of style
  • Style Ideas: Amateur Fashionista's musings, raves and rants on all things related to fashion and style. 
  • Travel: when you want to know where to have really good coffee, or if Hilton really is the same by any name…
  • Travel Wardrobe: what to wear and how to pack. My motto is: life is often complicated; packing doesn't have to be.
  • Let's Talk: all the 'serious' topics sensible bloggers would stay away from: politics, current issues... all discussed with a hefty dose of sarcasm and satire
  • For Laughs: I'm sarcastic, and I can laugh at myself...
  • Dilettante Artist: my other blog where I let loose my 'artistic' side (= my Photoshop addiction...)

Now, if you want to know more, 
how about these 5 random facts about me:

  1. My wedding reception was held at an airport, naturally
  2. I studied fashion design when I was young but have never worked in fashion
  3. I don’t like looking at pictures of myself because I always look awkward
  4. I really, really hate high heels and clothes that need to be dry-cleaned
  5. My hobby is making retro comic-book style illustrations based on old photographs 

Tiina L elegance revisited

All outfit photos by Professor M, all other photos by Tiina L, vintage photos from my family albums. All illustrations by Tiina L. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Travel light and look elegant, 
Tiina L



  1. Tiina, with two i's, thank you for your comment on my blog. I've just read your About page and can't wait to snoop around a little more!

  2. Wedding reception at an airport? You got me on that one, what a wonderful idea:)

  3. You, my friend, are truly one-of-a-kind. And may you always stay that way.

  4. Hi ! Tiina L, honestly speaking your blog is much wonderful for fashion. Your dressing and your styles all things are perfect. Every kind of style you adopt here. Thank you so much.
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