Saturday, 11 August 2018

Minimalist Experiments with Maximalism

pattern mixing over 40

I'm a minimalist at heart

But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like colours or patterns. It just means that I like my colours and patterns in a neat, streamlined package. And without any bells and whistles, please.

Which is why I've kept the accessories to a minimum here. Well, also because it was just unbearably hot when these pictures were taken. Hot weather makes me even more of a minimalist as I can't stand anything touching my skin. I would go around naked if I wasn't afraid of burning in the sun. Or getting arrested, whatever...

graphic tee over 40
easy pattern mixing

If you follow this blog, this isn't the first (or the second, or the seventh...) time you've seen this old Custo Barcelona t-shirt. And it probably won't be the last. I believe in only buying what I love and then wearing it over and over again.

And the trousers? Well, you've seen this pair of trousers a couple of times this summer, too. But as to whether you'll see it again, it's too soon to tell. Sure, the trousers are comfortable and fit me like a dream. But the polka dots may just make them a bit of a one-summer hit. We'll see.

Putting these two items together was sort of inevitable. Not just because it was terribly hot and I was running out of clean clothes to wear (we were staying in Germany for a few days when these photos were taken), but because I thought it would be fun. You know, sort of pushing the envelope a bit, experimenting with maximalism by putting together an over-the-top outfit.

No? Not over-the-top enough? Well, guess what, I'm a minimalist, and for me, this is as over-the-top as it gets. I want my maximalism in a neat, streamlined package, too. In other words, no layering, no oversize jewellery, no elaborate accessories. That's all lovely and inspiring, but it's not me. So, I'll keep it simple and uncomplicated and let the colour and pattern do the talking.

pattern mixing over 40

Outfit details:
t-shirt: Custo Barcelona (old) / trousers: Zara / bag: Coach / 
shoes: Jenny / sunglasses: Prada
location: Kreutzviertel, Dortmund (Germany)

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? Or a little bit of both?




  1. I think the last photo, in front of that beautiful wall, is very nice! And I do love the combination you are wearing! It s much colder now over here, I dont like it, I like the hot weather!

    1. Thanks, Nancy.
      We're enjoying cooler weather, too, and not a second too soon...

  2. I like your mixed prints outfit and the subtle color combo, elegant and absolutely You!
    And you rock your accessories, sunníes and bag look perfect!.
    Sometimes even I refuse to wear any accessories (I go to the swimming pool in a lounge dress, a straw hat and sandals, no fuss when it's 39ºC)

    1. Thanks!
      I can't even imagine what 39ºC is like. We had 28-30, and that was bad enough (especially as that was the temperature both outdoors and indoors...).

  3. I really like this outfit on you! I think it's fab. Keep wearing the tee - it's a great one! xx

    1. Thanks! This is one of my favourite tops, and it's surprisingly versatile.

  4. I have always loved that top and it always looks so good , keep wearing it on the blog as long as you like . We share the same philosophy on our clothing, it is to be worn after all. I do like this pairing with the spotty pants. Hope you have had a reprieve from your hot days.

    1. Thanks, Jill.
      Yes, clothes should be worn, a lot. I'd rather have a few really good pieces than loads of fast fashion.
      It's significantly cooler now, around 20ºC, very pleasant.

  5. I do like the polka dot pants on you! I imagine they would be good for fall (as long as they aren't too light). Your pattern and color mixing is fabulous!


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