Monday, 2 July 2018

How to Wear Pastels When You're Pale

Most of my life I've avoided pastel colours 

For starters, they fit into the same 'cute' category as frills, bows, or anything 'girlie'. And I sort of overdosed on all things 'girlie' in my childhood...

But, more importantly, as I'm very pale (with a pinkish skin tone), pastels tend to wash me out. And that's not a good look. In particular, I tend to avoid very pale pinks, blush or beige. If I wear pale colours, I usually go for blue or green, to create a bit of contrast between my clothes and my skin.

Yet, here I am, breaking my own rules... Not only wearing very light pink next to my face but wearing head to toe sorbet colours... Never say never, huh?

However, this outfit only works because of the purple cardigan. Together with the purple trainers, it 'grounds' the look. Because of my natural colouring, with medium contrast between my hair and skin tone, I look better in mid-tone colours that are saturated enough to provide some contrast but don't overwhelm me. In other words, pale colours would make me look like a walking popsicle, whereas too deep and intense colours would eat me alive...

So, all good things, including colour, in moderation. If you're pale, that is.

Outfit details:
cardigan: Masai / t-shirt: J.Crew (old) / trousers: Noom (old) / 
bag: Coach / sunglasses: Marc Jacobs (old) / shoes: Minna Parikka (old)

How do you wear pastel colours?


PS: You can now read my Stylish Thoughts interview at Inside Out Style



  1. lovely comfy&cool outfit, and I like how the purple cardi and fab trainers enhance the pale colors!, really wise advice!
    And I love your trainers!

  2. I love how you added the brighter color---it makes it so nice!!

  3. Loving the bold purple sneakers with this look Tiina! I think the mix of purple with the soft shades looks fab on you. Fun to try new things. :-)
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  4. I love how you spiced it up with bold cardi and shoes!! I am like you, quite pale, and am also not a huge fan of "girlie" on me. But, sometimes I like to branch out of my comfort zone, and pink is such a pretty color. I found myself accumulating some light pink things lately - for a future branching out event. :)))
    Enjoy your Summer, Tiina!

    1. Thanks, Natalia.
      Yes, it's good to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Although, I actually like pink. Well, hot pink. It's the ultimate girly colour, for sure, but I find it can look very classy (in something simple and streamlined). It's the light pink I find more challenging. I like it in accessories, sort of a substitute for beige, but in clothes I find it's a bit too close to my skin tone.

  5. Thank you for joining my #linkup Tiina. I wear most colours, but prefer to wear deeper shades - they look better with my colouring too! You look good in these tones, and I like the darker cardigan. Nice one. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Thanks, Jacqui. I prefer deeper colours, too, but sometimes I'm tempted by the elegance of paler shades. Well, it's good to try something new every once in a wile, right?

  6. The bright purple cardigan and shoes contrast so well with the pastel shades. Thank you for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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