Friday, 4 May 2018

Black and White, With a Splash of Colour

smart casual raincoat

Ah, spring showers...

You know, if I remember correctly, I have at least 7 coats for rainy weather (for spring or autumn, not counting winter coats). Yes, I definitely don't need to get another rain coat any time soon...

But for some reason this coat has never been featured on the blog before. How is that even possible? Given my tendency to feature any piece of clothing at least 3-6 times within a very short period of time (not to mention repeating them over and over again till they literally fall apart), this is certainly unprecedented.

Yet, here we are: somehow this coat has managed to escape my attention. And I've had it since, I don't know, forever?

So, I put together two outfits around this coat (well, it was raining all weekend when I was in England...), to rectify the situation. You'll see the other one later, next week, so let's talk about this outfit first.

For starters, everything I'm wearing is old and has been featured on the blog more than once. Well, except for the bag. Although the bag is sort of old, too. Or, rather, 'old', as in 'last season'. I found it at the Marimekko Outlet sale a couple of weeks ago.

And the dress is one of my old favourites, looking equally good with a long cashmere cardi, a colourful trench or a leather jacket. I love a versatile piece...

rainwear pattern mixing
leopard print and stripes over 40

Outfit details:
coat: Kello (old) / dress: Comma (old) /shoes: Ecco / 
bag: Marimekko / scarf: Henri Bendel (old)




  1. Beautiful, Tiina! Very chic and fun look with my favorite black and white! Love this jacket and the rich color of your umbrella!

    1. Thanks, Natalia. I seldom wear black and white, although I like the combination.

  2. That must is a fabulous coat! I love it!

  3. Beautiful outfit!

  4. Glad you uncovered this great rain coat! Love the texture. the bag is pretty awesome too. xo


    1. Thanks, Patti.
      Well, you know how it is: never get rid of an old rain coat, one day you'll need it...

  5. lovely outfit and lovely trench!, you look really elegant and comfy too!
    I love the black&white combo with a touch of color, and your striped dress and cute shoes!

    1. Thanks!
      I have to admit, I never quite know what to do with black and white, or which colours to combine it with.


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