Sunday, 15 April 2018

It's Almost Spring!

It's almost spring!!!

Well, give or take some April showers snow... Really, waking up to a fresh coat of snow on Tuesday was a bit of a disappointment, but at least the snow is gone now. Again.

And the days are getting longer, the sun is shining, and the birds are... well, doing whatever it is that birds do. My point is, spring is in the air, finally.

OK, it was still quite fresh when these pictures were taken, but we're getting there. Slowly...

Although I'm eager for change after a long (and dark and cold) winter, spring isn't my favourite season (that would be autumn, by the way). If anything, it's my least favourite season.

Why? Well, because of the ever-changing, unpredictable weather, and the dust and pollen flying around, just for starters.

But as spring is the gateway to summer, I'm ready to celebrate it. If only because I really, really want to leave winter behind. So, Mother Nature, no more April snow, OK?

I really just want to put all my winter / colder weather clothes away (including this rather nice wool trench coat) and wear something light and breezy and fun...

Outfit details:
coat: Hobbs (old) / scarf: Shanghai Tang / top: Caroll (old) / 
trousers: Marks and Spencer (old) shoes: Ecco / sunglasses: Chanel (old) / bag: Coccinelle

Do you like spring?


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  1. I do hope the Spring weather stays around and that snow has gone. I agree Autumn is my favourite season too, the weather is so much more settled. Yes that is a very nice trench, perfect with your scarf.

    1. Oh, the snow has gone (again...), and will hopefully stay away (this time)...

  2. It feels like Spring has been a long time coming. It is a very fickle season though, too many showers for my liking! I love the colour of your coat and the bright scarf.

    Emma xxx

    1. Oh yes, it seems to take forever. Fortunately we've had mostly very sunny days (just a bit cold), hardly any rain.

  3. i LOVE the color of that coat!!
    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  4. I love your scarf and how it enhances the colors of your coat and bag, such a fab color combo!. Your accessorizing is always brilliant!
    And I'm tired of our Winter too, even if it's short and warm, but it was snowing on the nearby mountains ten days ago!. I don't like spring, but it's better than Winter!

    1. Thank you, so sweet of you to say that.
      The best thing about spring is the rapidly increasing daylight (and the worst thing is that it takes forever to get warmer), and that makes it bearable.

  5. love your sunny optimism. I am getting depressed by all the snow and cold. Loving your trench though. I hopped over from Curly Crafty Mom's linkup. Don't forgetI also have a Thursday Linkup I would love for you to join Please come over and join the fun

    1. I know what you mean; winter always lasts way too long, and spring takes forever arriving.
      And thanks for inviting me!

  6. Tiina
    I really LOVE the color of your coat on you, and the brilliant and lovely colors of your scarf! so pretty!
    I am so with you on Winter! My least favorite season. I don't have allergies regarding Spring, but my hubby does and there has been lots of pollen in the air. have a great Sunday!
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Thanks, Jessica!
      I'm so over winter, it's so depressing...


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