Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Accessories: Form and Function


And the blue coat is back...

Let's call this a bonus post, in addition to the 3 posts featuring outfits created around this coat (maximalist, minimalist and casual).

Why? Well, because, in my opinion, you should be able to create at least half a dozen outfits around one coat. Or simply wear one coat with everything you have in your wardrobe. I think that's the way most people (except hose with unlimited budgets and wardrobes) wear their clothes: over and over again.

Besides, I really wanted to wear this coat with this particular scarf (I also wore this combo exactly a year ago...)

Prada sunglasses
how to accessorize over 40
over 40 blogger

Yes, I planned this outfit around the coat and the scarf: everything else is there to complement this combo.

I do that a lot. Create and outfit around one or two details, I mean. Often it's the bag, sometimes the sunglasses. Accessories, rather than the clothes. My clothes are seldom that interesting.

My accessories, on the other hand, are what I spend most of my clothing budget on. It makes sense as they're meant to last longer and transcend fleeting trends. Besides, you're never too fat/thin/short/tall for fabulous accessories.

You see, I don't see accessories as something merely for decoration. Quite the contrary: most of my accessories always have a very practical purpose.

I don't wear a scarf to 'add colour or interest' to an outfit. I wear a scarf to protect my neck from the cold. Which is why I like my scarves big enough and in materials that feel soft on the skin.

Similarly, I wear sunglasses to protect my (very sensitive) eyes from the bright sunlight, and my bag needs to hold all the stuff I carry with me.

For me, most accessories are functional: they must do the job they're for, or I won't wear them. For example, I've never understood why some women buy shoes they can't walk in. Not only should I be able to walk comfortably in my shoes, I should be able to do that all day.

However, even though I am unashamedly comfort-driven, I expect my accessories to ooze style, too.  Or, rather, I expect the perfect union of form and functionality. It's the same as with people: brains and beauty must go hand in hand, otherwise they're useless (well, beauty without brains is useless...).

how to wear blue
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designer accessories

Outfit details:
Coat: Jaeger (old) / top: Vila (old) / trousers: Marks and Spencer (old) / 
bag: Furla / shoes: Clarks (old) / sunglasses: Prada / scarf: Alexander McQueen (old)

What about you, do you expect your accessories to be functional?




  1. What a gorgeous coloured coat, your scarf is a perfect match. I'd love you to add your post to my #chicandstylish #linkup Tiina. It's every Thursday over on Mummabstylish. Jacqui xx

  2. You make a great analogy about form+function in comparison to brains+beauty. I love accessories too and your body can change always, they will still fit. Your blue coat and matching scarf are great. You look so put-together as usual.

    Welcome by and join my new linkup, it goes live every Thursday. Thanks, Ada. =)

    1. Thanks, Ada. Yes, accessories never fail, and they always make you feel good (unlike clothes, which might get moody and not fit all of a sudden..)

  3. Once more, I totally agree with you (which is amazing, as I'm a maximalist!). But I'm also a huge fan of comfort, particularly concerning shoes, and many times I pick my clothes to match a pair of shoes, a scarf, a bag that I want to wear for a practical purpose.
    I also agree about coats, they have to match as many outfits as possible, at least 6-7 outfits. I think that your coat is a fabulous piece, versatile, cool and elegant, which ticks all the boxes!. And I always love your accessorizing, Brilliant!!

    1. Thank you. Well, whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist, the same principles still work: comfort comes first, and clothes (and accessories) should fit around your life (and not the other way round)...


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