Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Recipe for a Glam and Understated Look

minimalist glam

When it comes to style, I prefer cool and understated to glitz and glamour. I'm a minimalist at heart: I like streamlined shapes and clean lines, without too many details. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to amp up the glam factor every now and then.

I just like my glitz and glam in a nice, neat minimalist package. With streamlined shapes, clean lines, and without too many details. Makes sense, right?
The trick is to tone down the bling so that it won't overwhelm the overall understated look. Or to amp up the glam in an otherwise very simple outfit. It's the same thing, really, whichever way you want to look at it.

The point is, we need to include understated and glam elements in equal measures, so that they balance each other out.

OK, let's see how this outfit came about.

Of course it all starts with accessories, as usual: the bag is undeniably glam, yet of practical size (i.e. it can actually fit the stuff I normally carry with me). Anyway, the bag alone glams up any outfit. But now I want to go one step further: let's add some bling.

Enter the sequin skirt (seen HERE with a more understated bag). There's nothing understated about that...

Right, we need something to tone down the whole look now: a pair of simple brown boots and a cashmere sweater should do the trick. But to add a bit of glam into the mix, I choose a sweater in a gorgeous, bright colour.

And the cherry on the cake, or the finishing touch: the mirrored lenses of the sunglasses pick up the bling of the skirt while the minimalist, streamlined shape echoes the more understated elements of the outfit.

And there you have it: the recipe for a glam and understated look.

understated bling
sequins over 40

Outfit details:
skirt: Vila / cashmere sweater: Repeat / bag: Kate Spade (old)/
 sunglasses: Prada / boots: Caprice (old)

How do you wear bling?




  1. I love this sequin skirt! you look so pretty.

  2. I absolutely love this look, and think we should all wear a sequin skirt as beautifully as you've done here. xo


  3. I do really like this skirt and the way you have underplayed it with the coral knit , so very wearable.

    1. Thanks, Jill. Yes, wearable, that's the most important thing for me, always.

  4. what an inspiring and cool outfit!, even if I'm not in the understated nor minimalistic style, I really enjoy them. You rock your sequined skirt, in a subtle color combo (I love your top!) and fabulous accessories!

    1. Thank you. It's always good to look at different styles, not just something that matches personal preferences, because you can learn so much and be inspired by people who dress in a totally different way. I'm definitely a minimalist, but I think I can learn a trick or two from people who are the opposite. Then it's up to me to reinterpret what I've learned so that it suits my own style.

  5. Lovely! I love the rose gold color, it looks quite pretty with the sweater. I love the combination of color with the sequins making it a very versatile skirt!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  6. I love your sequin skirt! It's a beautiful colour and looks fab with the coral jumper. Gorgeous bag too! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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