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How to dress up pinstripe trousers

how to dress up pinstripe trousers

How to put together a minimalist, yet dressed-up outfit?

I'm a minimalist. For me less is more, whether we're talking about accessorizing or the number of clothes I have in my wardrobe. Having too much stuff makes me anxious.

It is therefore no surprise that I don't really have anything that would qualify as formal wear. I have no use for it; why would I keep it hanging in the closet 'just in case'? Instead, on the few occasions I want to dress up, I simply mix and match the semi-casual clothes I have, add a few accessories, and pass my lack of decorum off as being too cool for school...

Truth be told, I would feel extremely uncomfortable in anything 'formal'. It's just not me. So, even my dressed up outfits have to feel comfortable and look somewhat casual.

And that's why this outfit follows my standard formula for comfy clothing: relaxed trousers and a top that doesn't restrict movement. In other words, I just replaced my habitual t-shirt with a sleeveless white crossover blouse. And added heels. Well, what passes for heels in my world, anyway...

However, even though I might be completely comfort-driven as far as clothing is concerned, I'm also a self-confessed snob. I insist on quality materials: how clothes feel on my skin is important, and I hate anything 'cheap and cheerful'. And I never take shortcuts as far as my accessories are concerned: only the best will do. For me, luxury is in the details. And the less details there are, the more striking they should be. So yes, I do love designer handbags, and you bet my pearls are real...

how to dress up minimalist outfit
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Outfit details:
trousers: Monki / top: Sand (old) /wool poncho: Marja Kurki / 
sunglasses: Marimekko (old) / bag: Chanel / shoes: Hotter (old)
location: Hotel Pestana Casino Park, Madeira

What do you wear when you want to dress up?


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  1. This is such a fab dressed-up look that's live-able. Great wrap and love the new white top. Thanks for linking up, xo


    1. Thanks, Patti. The white top is actually old, really old. But I'm not sure if I've ever featured it on the blog before. Maybe once or twice, a very long time ago...

  2. Lovely outfit, elegant, subtle, comfortable!, I like your poncho and cool accessorizing!

    1. Thanks, Monica. Comfort is key, even in a dressed-up outfit...

  3. Say it gurl. I love your lingua. I'm also a quality over quantity type of girl so I understand totally your point of view. And you so nailed this look. Like me I tend to fall back on pearls when going the high fashion route. I think it's the perfect luxury fashion accessory. Lovely look

    1. Thank you.
      I love pearls, I try to wear them a bit more often and in a more modern way, and I love to combine them with edgy outfits.

  4. Love the concept and the pop of color the poncho brought to the look! Minimal and still chic!

  5. Love the pop of colors! What cool trousers, they look great! And what a good idea to style them with the poncho and handbag adorable styling!
    Modalist - Celebrating a World of Style and Fashion

  6. Great formula. Love the wrap with the outfit.

    1. Thanks, Anna. This wrap is a staple in my wardrobe, I have it in 6 colours...


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