Monday, 16 October 2017

On Capsule Wardrobes

pattern mixing

The rain stopped. For a moment, at least. Hurrah! The rain stopped!!! 
Shh, let's keep quiet about it, let's not jinx it...

OK, what I really wanted to talk about was capsule wardrobes. That's why I'm wearing the same top I was wearing in the last two posts, and the same scarf and shoes I was wearing with the down jacket. And of course the same sunglasses I've been wearing in just about every other post this year...

So, about capsule wardrobes...

I'm a huge fan of capsule wardrobes Yet, I've never actually created one, and I have neither the patience nor the interest for KonMari anything. In fact, my wardrobe is a huge mess. Always has been, and I don't think any amount of decluttering will change that (Hmm, maybe I need bigger closets...). Sure, I declutter once or twice a year, when I have time and feel inspired (this year I just haven't got to it yet, I wonder why...). But I'm digressing here. I definitely did not want to talk about my mess of a wardrobe but about capsule wardrobes.

That is, a lazy girl's capsule wardrobe. Let me explain. I'm often in a hurry in the morning (I'm so not a morning person...), and I don't have time to look for something to wear in my (very messy and disorganised) wardrobe. And the thought of choosing an outfit the night before is too much work; it's just not going to happen.

The solution: (almost) everything I have can be mixed and matched. And, like most women, I probably only wear about 20 percent of my wardrobe. But I'm OK with that. I keep wearing my favourite clothes over and over again, for a few weeks or months at a time.

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pattern mixing

The Seasonally-appropriate capsule wardrobe

Most of my clothes are seasonal. I won't be wearing my 'autumn clothes' in winter, or my winter coats and cashmere jumpers in spring or summer.

In other words, my (very messy and disorganised) wardrobe contains several seasonally-appropriate 'capsule wardrobes': I have a limited number of clothes I can wear for a limited amount of time. And when the weather gets colder or warmer, I will need to move on to the next 'capsule collection' of seasonally-appropriate favourites.

fall smart casual

And this is what you're seeing here: an autumn outfit with a long-sleeved top and cords (warmer than jeans), a scarf and a smart coat.

I think I need at least 2 coats per season: one smart and one casual.

It doesn't really matter what's under the coat; the coat sets the mood and defines your style. And a smart coat makes an otherwise casual outfit more elegant. Just compare these two outfits:

casual fall outfit
smart casual fall outfit

Outfit details:
coat: Hobbs (old) / top: Gant / trousers: Marks and Spencer (old) / scarf: Marja Kurki (old) / 
shoes: Ara / bag: Longchamp (old) / sunglasses: Marc Jacobs (old)

How do you feel about capsule wardrobes?


PS: have you seen the new Dilettante Artist post?



  1. I never thought about capsule wardrobes and seasons before ---- you make perfect sense! I live n southern California where a capsule wardrobe would make more sense, as I believe it also means limiting the number of pieces owned in general---much easier to do in a somewhat season less climate! And, I agree with you about the coat choice ---- it makes a huge impact on the overall look of the outfit.

    1. Having 4 seasons does complicate things a bit, it's like having 4 wardrobes. And with limited closet space (and limited funds), I need to consider carefully what to add to my already bursting wardrobe. Or maybe I should pack away the summer clothes and make some space in the closets...

  2. I don t understand capsule wardrobe! I just buy whatI like. And often I don t have anything that matches my new purchase.....

    1. I also often buy whatever I like. But it usually goes with what I already have in my wardrobe. I guess I keep buying the same stuff over and over again...

  3. I agree totally, the coat defines the mood!, a casual coat makes you look casual even when you're wearing a dress or suit. I like to play this game too!
    Your striped top and beautiful scarf make a perfect combo, and they look fab with both coats, that's really a versatile outfit!
    Neither am I a mornings person and I dislike picking an outfit the night before, so every morning I run from a wardrobe to other, opening and closing drawers. I'm not very sensible.

    1. I like mixing casual and smart elements in my outfits. And I think I feel most at ease when I add something casual to a more formal outfit, or something more elegant to an otherwise very casual outfit.
      Mornings are the worst... If I could have my way I would never work before late afternoon...

  4. I love the contrasting photos of that outfit with the two coats; both great and so different! I love that scarf of yours so much.

    1. Thanks! I got the scarf at an outlet sale a couple of years ago, and I've been wearing it a lot recently as it goes with most of my clothes.


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