Thursday, 31 August 2017

Toss or Keep?

cropped trousers over 40

Every now and then I find an item in my wardrobe that I haven't worn for ages.  I'm usually quite good at getting rid of clothes I don't like / that don't fit me or work for me, and very happy with a small(ish) wardrobe. So, whenever I come across an item that I seem to have forgotten all about, I get happy and  think that there must be a reason I kept the item in question. I mean, it's like getting new clothes for free, in a way...

However, I tend to wear the same limited selection of clothes over and over again, quite happily, and mix and match them in new combinations endlessly. So, whenever I find something I can't even remember owning, an alarm should go off. There must be a reason why the item in question is not in my rotation.

In this case, the newly rediscovered item is the sleeveless white top. And the reason why I haven't worn it for ages is apparent looking at these pictures. Actually, two reasons: 1) white really isn't my colour and 2) this top wrinkles the second I put it on. And that's just annoying.

Outfit details:
croped trousers: Lindex / top: KappAhl (old) / parka: Ril's (old) / 
shoes: Gabor / sunglasses: Marimekko (old) / bag: Furla (old)

So, what do you think about the white top, toss it or keep it?




  1. Toss it. Normally I would say: keep any white blouse or top as it will always come in handy. The colour is a neutral and can be lifted with red lips, a scarf or necklace or colourful cardigan/jacket. And I really like this outfit. It looks good. But like you, those wrinkles would annoy the hell out of me. Which is why I say toss. The only reason. If you can live with the wrinkles, keep it as it is a good blouse.

  2. I agree with Greetje!, a white top could be enhanced by a colorful scarf or necklace, but there is not anything to do if you're feeling uncomfortable in a wrinkled top.
    If it annoys you, then let it go!

  3. I'll join the chorus. Wrinkles are annoying. It's a slight annoyance but it ruins one's mood when dressing. Wear something else that doesn't spoil your mood.

  4. Toss it! The wrinkles are the issue!

  5. Personally I prefer you in colour. I say toss it...well donate it to a thrift shop : )


  6. I totally agree with the ladies above.. Which is versatile, classic.. But wrinkles are so annoying and take away from the overall appearance, which otherwise would be a lovely outfit!


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