Thursday, 31 August 2017

Toss or Keep?

cropped trousers over 40

Every now and then I find an item in my wardrobe that I haven't worn for ages.  I'm usually quite good at getting rid of clothes I don't like / that don't fit me or work for me, and very happy with a small(ish) wardrobe. So, whenever I come across an item that I seem to have forgotten all about, I get happy and  think that there must be a reason I kept the item in question. I mean, it's like getting new clothes for free, in a way...

However, I tend to wear the same limited selection of clothes over and over again, quite happily, and mix and match them in new combinations endlessly. So, whenever I find something I can't even remember owning, an alarm should go off. There must be a reason why the item in question is not in my rotation.

In this case, the newly rediscovered item is the sleeveless white top. And the reason why I haven't worn it for ages is apparent looking at these pictures. Actually, two reasons: 1) white really isn't my colour and 2) this top wrinkles the second I put it on. And that's just annoying.

Outfit details:
croped trousers: Lindex / top: KappAhl (old) / parka: Ril's (old) / 
shoes: Gabor / sunglasses: Marimekko (old) / bag: Furla (old)

So, what do you think about the white top, toss it or keep it?



Sunday, 27 August 2017

Cool and Chic

leather jacket over 50

You had to see this one coming, right?

How could I possibly not match the shoulder-duster statement earrings, my old leather jacket and the 'dress-of-the-moment'?

Come on, this is a match made in sartorial heaven! This looks seriously cool, even if I say so myself.

And more importantly, this is what I want to look like, at this stage of my life. Yes, this outfit epitomizes everything I want from my clothes now, and how I would like my style to evolve in the future.

Because personal style is not static but evolves over time. It is influenced by trends and fashions, for sure, but even more by how you evolve and grow as a person. It reflects not only your changing body but also your changing values, priorities, and aesthetic preferences.

And in my case my style seems to have come full circle, in a way. I'm back where I was as a teenager, only more sophisticated and chic. Yes, once a rock chick, always a rock chick...

maxi dress and a leather jacket
maxidress over 50
over 50 blogger
date night outfit
how to look cool over 50

And where did I wear this cool combo? Yes, you guessed it; another summer restaurant...


....with fabulous views of the city skyline.


Outfit details: 
dress: Noom / leather jacket: Karen Millen (old) / clutch bag: Minna Parikka (old)
sunglasses: Marc Jacobs / shoes: Clarks / earrings:Viktoria Boldt 

How has your style evolved over the years?



Thursday, 24 August 2017

Would You Wear This to Work?

retro skirt

It's been a busy month so far...

I got back to work a couple of weeks ago, and have been playing catch-up ever since. And it seems I'm going to have a very busy autumn, too. And I mean very busy, as in teaching about 40 hours/week... For those of you working in an office that may not seem like much, but keep in mind that lessons must be prepared, too. But it's OK; my schedule varies quite a bit, and a busy period is always followed by a slump...

But enough of work. As a rule I don't usually talk about work on the blog, and I don't really want to start now.

But, in case you're wondering what I wear to work, the answer is about 99% of what you see me wearing on the blog. I don't have a separate 'work wardrobe', and I don't spend a lot of time thinking about my work outfits. Well, if I I have to leave early, and I'm in a hurry, I just put on the first thing I find. Yes, really. But it's OK: I work in a very relaxed environment, in a country that has a practical approach to dress code (= see what the weather is like and dress accordingly). So, I can't think of a single outfit I've worn on the blog that would be unsuitable for work. And I've certainly worn everything I've posted in August, several times.

And this outfit is no exception. I've worn this to work, and I've worn this off duty. I would wear this on a warm day, and if I wanted to wear something a bit more girly.

I like this type of skirt: it's comfortable, and it always fits. I like pencil skirts, too, but then there's always the waist-to-hip-ratio problem. As in, if it fits around my waist, there's no chance in hell the skirt is going to accommodate my bum. And if my bum fits, the waistline could fit two of me...

gingham skirt
over 50 blogger

Outfit details:
skirt: Zara / linen shirt: Marks and Spencer / bag: Furla / 
sunglasses: Marc Jacobs / shoes: Clarks

What do you wear to work?



Sunday, 20 August 2017

My Old Leather Jacket...

casual date night outfit over 40

It's leather jacket weather!

Well, in the evenings it is; during the day it's a bit too warm for a leather jacket. But in the evening you might need an extra layer, especially by the sea.

I've had this leather jacket for years. And there are times when I hardly wear it. And then all of a sudden I rediscover it and wear it non-stop. I'm like that with my clothes: I go through phases when I wear something all the time for a while, and then I move on to something totally different. But for now, I'm into leather jackets big time, and I'm going to be wearing mine with everything.

And don't even start with that 'how to wear a leather jacket over 40 / 50 / 60 / whatever' bullshit... I know a lot you out there are enraged by all sort of lists of what you should and shouldn't wear after a certain age, defiantly declaring that age doesn't dictate your clothing choices. Good for you. But I have zero interest in that debate.

No, let me rephrase that: I don't understand the debate. As a typical Generation X teenager, I practically grew up wearing jeans and leather jackets. And that has been my default uniform for the  most part of my life. So, as I get older... what else could I possibly be wearing?!? 

Besides, all my life I've been bombarded with media images of women much older than me wearing leather jacketsminiskirts, graphic tees etc. Maybe it's a cultural thing: nobody cares what Finnish women are wearing... 

But, just in case you're wondering about the age-appropriate look in nursing homes some 30-40 years from now: there are going to be a lot of us GenX oldies in our ripped jeans and leather jackets and tattoos, cranking up the volume to hear our punk and heavy metal. And it will look perfectly normal, because it is.

Anyway, I wore my beloved old leather jacket to dinner in a summer restaurant. Yes, a leather jacket and fine dining do go together.

Another weekend, another summer restaurant...

Exactly how many summer restaurants (= open only in summer and only accessible by boat) are there in Helsinki? Well, to be honest, I don't really know, probably many more than I've visited. But, Professor M is a bit fussy about his restaurants, and he has his favourites, and we try to visit those at least once every summer. That keeps us busy at weekends...

So, this time we're going to a restaurant on that island in the background. Yes, that big grey wall... It's part of an old fortress (scattered over several islands), and the restaurant is there,  inside that big grey wall.


The shuttle boat takes just a couple of minutes. There's not much else (besides the restaurant) on the island, except the marina of course. There's always a marina...

date night outfit over 40
statement earrings
how to wear cargo pants over 40

Outfit details:
leather jacket: Karen Millen (old) /top: Monsoon / trousers: Oska / bag: Kate Spade /
 shoes: Clarks / sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana / earrings:Viktoria Boldt

How do you wear your leather jacket?



Friday, 18 August 2017

Happy International Sarcasm Day!


"Welcome to Bigot's Choice! You've come to the right place: whether you prefer your fascism off the shelf or customised, we've got it!

So, who’re we hating today? Now, we have all the classics: skin tone (whether you like it darker or lighter or anything in between), uppity women who refuse to sleep with you, mouthy liberals, and your choice of Johnny Foreigner. And if you’re in the mood for something with a bit more kick, how about rabid feminists, good-for-nothing-intellectuals, or people who intimidate you by speaking weird foreign languages in public?

Aha, good. And how would you like your dictator, sir? Fickle and fanatic, gropy and demented, or recklessly unhinged?

All right, then. And how would you like you fascism wrapped? For traditionalists we have the choice of either a beard or a swastika, depending on your religious/ideological affiliation and geographic orientation. The special today is red-white-and-blue fascism, very popular with the trendy crowd.

Excellent choice, sir! Now, why don’t you just sit back and relax, and I’ll get you your fascism, all wrapped up and ready to go, OK?"

Happy International Sarcasm Day!


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Summer Style Challenges

casual wear over 50

Sunshine, rain, heatwave, thunder storms... That's summer in a nutshell, at least in my neck of the woods. It makes getting dressed in the morning a bit of a challenge, though...

What to wear when it's warm, but not hot, and sunny, but with showers...

Ah yes, layering... Of course. I'm not a fan of layering (two layers max, whatever the weather or season, otherwise I feel as if my clothes are suffocating me), but I'll give it a go.

So, a very casual outfit for dinner at a summer restaurant (= a restaurant on an island, only accessible by boat and only open in summer). Yes, casual is fine. So is dressed up. The dress code is very relaxed, and this time I went casual. Or maybe all my nice clothes were in the laundry...

anyway, it was raining when we left home, the sun came out once we got to the island, and it started raining again before we got back home. So, as you can see, it's perfectly normal to be wearing sunglasses and a raincoat...

stripy raincoat
boyfriend jeans over 50
40+ blogger

Outfit details:
raincoat: c/o Bonmarché (old) / jeans: Opus / t-shirt: Garcia Jeans / bag: Furla
scarf: Alexander McQueen / sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana / shoes: Maripé
location: Sirpalesaari, Helsinki

Helsinki archipelago

What are your summer style challenges?



Sunday, 13 August 2017

Same Old Pattern Mixing

pattern mixing over 50

If it ain't broke...

Stripes and florals, with some gingham thrown into the mix. Haven't we seen this  before? Yes, you got me: I posted an almost identical outfit last summer...

Well, as you know, I'm a strong believer in repeating favourite outfits. Let's call it signature style. It sounds so much better than a style rut, don't you think?

Or maybe we could simply call this an updated version, sort of florals-stripes-gingham 2.0? After all, it's not blue and white stripes this time... and instead of neatly tucking the shirt in, I just let it hang out. Sloppy?... Hmm, let's call it relaxed, instead. Scandi-cool meets preppy, or something...

mixing stripes and florals
pattern mixing

OK, so the outfit is just recycling old ideas, let's talk about the location. Oops, we've been here before, too...

Porvoo is a small town about an hour away from where I live, and  the old town is a popular tourist destination, particularly in summer. There are coffee shops, chocolate shops, restaurants, antique shops and artisans everywhere. And cobblestone streets and narrow alleys and old wooden houses. And way more international tourists than I remembered from my last visit a couple of years ago.

But it's still a lovely place to spend an afternoon, sampling cakes over coffee, then scouring the antique and vintage shops for hidden treasures...

mixing stripes and florals

Outfit details:
t-shirt: Gap / skirt: Seasalt Cornwall (old) / bag: Coach (old) / 
shoes: Gabor (old) / sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
location: Porvoo Old Town

Do you often repeat outfits?



Friday, 11 August 2017

Beer Floating

kaljakellunta 2017

Beer Floating

I went to see Beer Floating last week, in the neighbour town.

Now, if you're not familiar with this event, Beer Floating (Kaljakellunta in Finnish) means gently floating down a river while drinking beer.

Yes, it's a real thing. We do it every year in Finland (since 1997, anyway). It's not a festival, more of a flash mob type of thing, in the sense that a date is agreed on (on Facebook, in late July or early August) and anyone can just show up.

The idea is that you need an inflatable dinghy (or one of those inflatable swimming pools for children, or anything that is inflatable and floats) and some cold beer. Then you get to the river and join other people with similar gear and float down the river.

It's not a contest, so you can take your time. The whole point is to chill, enjoy a nice summer day and good company, maybe make some friends. And, unlike most festivals involving Finns and alcohol, this is a rather sedate affair, meaning nobody gets hammered or drowns.

beer floating
kaljakellunta 2017
beer floating

This was actually the first time I saw the event myself (no, I've never participated: can't swim and don't drink beer), and I wanted to show you some pictures of the somewhat innovative floating devices.

Unicorns were quite popular this year (I counted at least a dozen), as well as the square swimming pools. However, I also spotted a few hardcore sports dinghies, as well as some DIY contraptions.

Well, it's anything goes, as long as it floats and can hold at least one person and his/her stash of beer...

beer floating
beer floating 2017

Yes, I know what you're thinking: Finns are crazy...



Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Statement Earrings and Gold Accents

how to wear a graphic t-shirt over 40

I prefer gold jewellery in summer

I wear both gold and silver toned accessories, depending on the season and the colours I'm wearing. In winter (or when wearing pink or fuchsia) I tend to prefer silver, whereas summer (or wearing blue) makes me turn me into a magpie craving anything golden.

And that's why I couldn't resist getting this pair of statement earrings (Yes, you've already seen them with the purple maxi)...

I found these earrings in a very avant-garde design shop in Berlin. You know, the type of shop I normally avoid because everything there is so conceptual and architectural and not very practical...

long ear rings
cargo pants over 50

Anyway, I don't often wear earrings because I have quite a bad metal allergy. This means that I can only ever wear earrings made of gold or white gold. And that's what you usually see me wearing: white gold hoops with pearl drops.

So, to get around the metal allergy problem,  I simply hang the earrings from the white gold hoops I usually wear. Does it bother me that the hoops are white gold and the earrings are rose gold? Maybe a bit, but since I only have this one pair of hoops I can wear... Besides, who can see the white gold hoops under my hair? Let's be honest, to compete for attention with hair like mine the earrings should be the size of Christmas tree ornaments...  Which is another reason I like these earrings: they're leather, so they weigh absolutely nothing.

long ear rings over 50

Outfit details:
t-shirt: Zadig et Voltaire / trousers: Oska / bag: Kate Spade / 
sandals: Clarks / sunglasses : Dolce and Gabbana / earrings:Viktoria Boldt

What about you, do you wear statement earrings?



Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Dress for All Occasions

maxidress over 40

Yes, you've seen this dress before. And you'll probably see it again. Because I really like it. It's so incredibly versatile, and I can wear it anywhere. Well, I've worn it it to three different restaurants in the past week.

The first one was this: Löyly is both a public sauna and a restaurant. It's a bit of an IT place in Helsinki, and I thought it was about time I check it out. You know, since it's been around for about a year...

But about the outfit...

I chose this location because I wanted to show you how cool this dress could look. And I needed a cool location for that. Just in case the dress turned out to be less cool, after all...

Well, the photo shoot didn't go to plan, exactly...

For starters, it was really hot (yes, it does get hot in Finland at times, too). And it was windy. Yep, windy. Who would've guessed it would get windy, by the sea, huh?

over 50 blogger
maxidress over 40

So, I thought we needed a take two. And so, a mere 24 hours later we headed to another cool location, something a bit more traditional this time, to get that cool Nordic vibe...


Yes, it was cool. As in fresh, cold, whatever you want to call it. And windy. Well, a yacht club on a small island just off the mainland...

So, I brought a cardigan. You know, it was a bit chilly and all. And windy. Did I mention windy?

what to wear on a fresh summer evening
over 40 blogger
maxidress over 40

As you can see, I didn't quite get the photos I wanted, and I'm not sure you can see all the cool potential of the dress so clearly... So, you shouldn't be surprised if you see this dress again before the summer is over.

Do you have clothes you want to wear all the time?


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