Wednesday, 12 July 2017

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It has been a busy summer so far...

I mean, I'm 'on holiday', or 'between gigs', whatever you want to call this period of not working until my next courses start later this summer. And I vaguely remember having all those plans...

Needless to say that my wardrobe is still mess, I've been to the gym once, I can't even remember my LinkedIn password (and couldn't care less), and I have hardly seen any of my friends. At least I've opened that German book a few times...

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So, what have I been doing? 

Except shuttling between Finland and the U.K., that is... Well, not much: spent way too much time reading newspapers. The British ones, that is, and because of Brexit it's all very depressing, and just makes me want to catch the next flight back to Finland and never come back...

Maybe I just need a break from all the shit that's going on in the world...

Anyway, I spent a couple of weeks in the U.K., having a rather busy social life: dinners with neighbours, putting on my best impression of 'the Professor's Wife' for an afternoon tea with hubby's overseas colleagues (this doesn't happen very often: hubby knows I'm a bit of a loose cannon...), a couple of days in London with hubby...

And then it was back to Finland for a while, with some urgent business to sort out (dentist and hairdresser, and catching up with my favourite Spanish TV show, if you must know). And then back to the U.K. again, and then, finally, hubby will start his summer holiday...

By the way, the location for this photo shoot was not planned at all: we just happened to pass these amazing murals and thought it would make the perfect backdrop... And it seems to me there's an important message there somewhere, too...

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Outfit details:
cardigan: Gap / t-shirt: J.Crew / trousers: Marks and Spencer / 
bag: Adolfo Dominguez / shoes: Clarks / sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana
location: Islington, London

How's your summer been so far?




  1. Love that mural! It is good to be busy but not too much that we don't notice the moments going by.


    1. It's impressive, isn't it? And it was pure chance we came across it. And that it matches my outfit so well...

  2. Oh you have to enjoy this time of the year! Relax! Haha. Is it still that bad in the UK?a few weeks ago I thought the atmosfere was better then last year.

    1. Yeah, relax... easier said than done. I don't really know how, what's wrong with me?!?

  3. What a great place to take pictures. Enjoy your time off work. We tend to crave that when we're working and take it for granted when we have it. And keep on reading the news: there's lots of change happening in Europe, none of which is clear as to how it'll turn out.

    1. That is so true, craving some time off, I mean.
      Yes, lots of things happening these days, and some of it very unpleasant. But I think I need to take a little break from reading the news, for my own sanity...

  4. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. This is the perfect background for your outfit! Great look!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! Yes, the background matches the outfit perfectly, how often does that happen?!? I swear I couldn't have planned it.

  5. Indeed a perfect location for your outfit photos. Truly amazing. Of course your outfit is very good, but the photos get an extra dimension with this mural. Indeed a beautiful message but not one that everybody can follow.
    I laughed over your "loose cannon" remark. I am the same. I can keep up appearances for an hour, but if I am exposed to people for half a day or night it gets tricky. My husband knows that, just like yours. Once when I was with him at a client do, the client did something onorthodox and asked what I thought of that. I replied that I thought he behaved badly. Client loves me ever since haha. Turned out he doesn't like cowards.

    1. Oh yes, I'm a loose cannon, especially when it comes to politics... I think it's because at work I have to keep my opinions to myself (which takes all my willpower), I refuse to do that off duty. I think more sane, liberal people should do the same. Speak up, I mean.

  6. What a beautiful mural to run across! It is a fabulous backdrop and a great message. I like the color combination you are wearing and how this look is comfy and cute. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!


  7. such a beautiful background!, and I like how it matches your cardi color!, lovely outfit!


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