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The Mix and Match Travel Wardrobe

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As you probably remember, I was in Barcelona over Easter. I know, it was a while ago, but I haven't really done a proper travel wardrobe post yet...

Anyway, it was a rather short trip, just a few days. So, no need to pack a lot of clothes, right? A few pieces that mix and match should be enough.

What's my 'packing strategy', then?

I believe that packing is not supposed to be complicated, and it doesn't require lists or weeks of planning. After all, what I wear when I'm travelling is not that different from what I'd wear on any other day.

I also believe that less is more, and I prefer to have a relatively small wardrobe. And when I travel, I tend to become a bit of a minimalist, especially when it comes to accessories. Although, while I can manage with one handbag, I need to have at least two pairs of sunglasses. But I think that's just smart: what if I lose or break one pair?

I often take a suitcase instead of just cabin luggage (unless it's just a day or two and I can get by with just a very small carry-on). I hate those people who hoard all the overhead locker space for their mismatched collection of various huge 'carry-on' bags so that there's nowhere to put your coat... I'm digressing here, sorry... My point is, I need a bag with enough room for 'souvenirs' (= anything I might find when going 'sightseeing' a.k.a shopping once in my destination...), so a suitcase is simply more practical.

And last but not least, I don't want to  plan ahead when I'm on holiday, whether it's about what to see, do or wear.

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So, about this trip to Barcelona... As usual, I started packing just a few hours before going to the airport. And it took me about 30 minutes. In other words, I decided which bag and shoes to take (which gave me the colour palette), and then I just tossed a few t-shirts, a couple of skirts and a pair of relaxed jeans into the mix.

Because all of the pieces in my 'travel wardrobe' mix and match seamlessly, I can decide what to wear on any given day depending on my mood (and the weather). Which is exactly what I did.

You've already seen the other two outfits (left / right) I wore during the trip: 

casual travel wardrobe

Yes, I'm wearing the same cardigan, bag and gold jewellery in all of these pictures... And that's precisely the point: less is more, and everything can be mixed and matched. Taking the stress out of packing (and dressing).  A holiday is supposed to be relaxing, after all...

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graphic tee

Outfit details:
t-shirt: Custo Barcelona / denim skir: KappAhl / cardigan Soyaconcept / 
shoes: Van Dal /bag: Kate Spade / sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana

What's your 'packing strategy'?
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  1. Replies
    1. Which one? The spotted one? It's old, but very comfortable (it's unlined, so perfect for hot weather).

  2. Stylish top, what a lovely trip to Barcelona, I just flew in there last week and out of Gerona, staying in a little fishing village of L'Escala - perfect! x Jacqui

    1. That sounds lovely. I've never really been anywhere outside Barcelona, but that sounds like a very relaxing place for a holiday.

  3. Your mix+match wardrobe is perfect for traveling. That coral cardigan looks great over all the tops you picked. A cardi is a must to pack when traveling because you need layers. Love both of your graphic tees, Tiina. You look fab in bright colors!

    Welcome by tomorrow because a brand-new Thursday Moda linkup will be live at 6.00 PM EST. Thanks beauty!

    Ada. =)

    1. Thanks, Ada. Yes, a cardi is a must. I don't really like layering, but a cardi is what I usually wear in summer instead of a jacket if it gets cooler. And on the plane, of course.

  4. Lovely outfits. The cardi goes well with all the outfits.

    Her Hive

  5. Thanks for joining our Ageless Style linkup party. You look awesome in the look with the polka dot skirt. It's my fav.

  6. Love these color on you! The polka dot skirt looks great as well. I am a light packer myself and feel the best way is mixing a matching few pieces.
    Thanks for linking
    jess xx

    1. Thanks, Jessica. I prefer to have a rather small wardrobe in general. Sort of a large capsule wardrobe, that's the goal.


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