Sunday, 30 April 2017

Do Cities Have Colour Palettes?

Do cities have signature colours?

When you think of a city or a town (or perhaps your home town), do you think it has a signature colour palette? Or do certain colours remind you of particular places?

Some cities definitely make me want to wear certain colours, for whatever reason. It has  probably more to do with my perception of the place in question, or how I want to see myself when visiting it.

In a way, this outfit showcases my idea of "Barcelona colours", or the colours I associate with Barcelona. That is, a combination of gold, coral and purple tones, with some fun prints thrown into the mix. Of course, people actually living in Barcelona might disagree with me on that, and that's why I want to stress that this is purely my subjective view.

However, these are not the colours I saw in shops in Barcelona. Oh no, the shops there were full of rather muted shades of blue (which I tend to associate with my own Nordic home town...), and the orange and purple tones I saw were much more intense and saturated (and therefore less flattering on a pale-skinned Nordic woman like me).

But, as I said, perhaps this is my way of 'blending in', by putting together an outfit that references some of the vibrancy and creativity I associate with Barcelona...

Outfit details (all old):
skirt: Hobbs / t-shirt: Marks and Spencer / cardigan: Soyaconcept / 
bag: Kate Spade / shoes: Van Dal / sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

So, what do you think, do cities have their distinctive colour palettes? 
And if they do, what are the colours of your home town?



Thursday, 27 April 2017

Something Old, Something New...

how to wear a Missoni poncho

I often create an outfit around bag. Not only that, I often buy a bag I fell madly in love with and then start thinking if I actually have anything to wear with it...

Anyway, this pink and orange Tous tote is a 'souvenir' from Barcelona. I saw it, fell madly in love with it, and then bought it. Surely I must have tons of clothes I can wear it with... No? Well, I guess that will be the style challenge for this summer, then...

But, then I remembered this Missoni poncho I bought years ago. I've only ever worn it once or twice (and I've also worn it on the blog before) because it's not what you'd call a very practical piece... For starters, the neckline is  a bit too wide for my liking. But I still like the poncho: the colours, the pattern... It was an impulse purchase, more suited for the dream life I started creating in my head the moment I saw it than for my actual life (yeah, I have a lot stricter criteria for shopping these days, and only buy clothes that work in real life). But hey, a girl needs a few impractical statement pieces, too... Besides, the poncho looks fabulous with the bag, don't you think?

over 40 blogger
how to wear pink over 40
Missoni poncho
pattern mixing over 50

Outfit details:
poncho: Missoni / top: Vila / jeans: Next / bag: Tous / 
shoes: Clarks / sunglasses: Michael Kors

Any ideas what to wear with the bag? 
Let me know in the comments.



Sunday, 23 April 2017

What to Wear Sightseeing

casual wear over 50


Well, that's what I call it. It doesn't mean that there are any actual sights (a.k.a tourist attractions) involved. It's more sort of just walking around, more or less aimlessly, stopping for lunch or coffee when you get tired of walking, and taking loads of photographs whenever you see something interesting. But I've been to Barcelona many times, once or twice a year for the past ten years, so I'm more interested in revisiting old favourites, anyway...


But, let's talk about what to wear when going sightseeing. Or walking around more or less aimlessly, whatever. It's all about comfort, of course, and it starts with the right shoes. Now, aren't these cute?

Minna Parikka shoes

And the bag... something small(ish), but big enough to hold the camera. And it has to be a crossbody, at least in Barcelona.

Giving advice is the last thing I would ever want to do, but this is where I make an exception: if you ever travel to Barcelona, don't even consider taking a bag that doesn't wrap around your body one way or or another. There are pickpockets, and bag snatchers. No, let me rephrase that: Barcelona is like a top-league university for pickpockets and bag snatchers... So, better safe than sorry.

That being said, I've never been worried about my personal safety in Barcelona, and consider it quite a safe holiday destination.

But, back to the outfit... so, we've got the shoes and the bag sorted, The rest depends on the weather, really. I like to keep things simple: jeans and a t-shirt always works, and I add a cardigan in case it gets cooler. But most of the time I just wrapped the cardigan around my shoulders, to protect my skin from burning (yes, I was wearing sun screen, most of the time) because I forgot to bring my sun umbrella...

over 50 blogger
casual chic over 50

Outfit details:
jeans: Opus / t-shirt: Garcia Jeans / cardigan: Soyaconcept / shoes: Minna Parikka / 
bag: Kate Spade / sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana / belt: Hobbs
location: Port Vell, Barcelona

What do you wear sightseeing?


PS: Have you seen the latest Dilettante Artist post? It's my 'artistic' view of Barcelona, of course...


Friday, 21 April 2017

Snapshots of Barcelona


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was in Barcelona over Easter. I have been posting lots of pictures of, well, whatever happened to catch my eye, really. In other words, what I usually do, as far as Instagram is concerned...

Anyway, I was in Barcelona for a few days, relaxing and soaking in the atmosphere (and the sun). And I thought I'd just post a few pictures here, too. Sort of to give you an idea of what passes for sightseeing when you call yourself a Bad Tourist...

 So, first we have the creative, fun or just beautiful balconies:

Then some Modernist (as Art Nouveau is called in Spain) design and architecture:

Art galleries:

art in Barcelona
Art in Barcelona

And walks on the seaside:


Of course, there will be more pictures later, and some outfits, too...

Have a great weekend!


PS: more posts on Barcelona HERE


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Summer on My Mind...

summer style over 50

I'm sort of in the process of organising my wardrobe. I say sort of because it's a half-hearted attempt at best, and a very slow process. So slow that at this pace I'll finish packing away my winter cashmere by August...

But, as part of the half-hearted, slow-moving clearout, I'm also going through my summer clothes (you know, to see what fits, and if there's a realistic chance that it will one day fit me again... ). And I'm getting a bit fed up having a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Yes, I know, I should simply get rid of whatever I never wear. But more importantly, I should only buy clothes that I can wear over and over again, and that work for my lifestyle and meet my needs. This is particularly important when it comes to summer clothes, as I find hot weather always particularly challenging.

The Perfect Summer Wardrobe?

For me, summer dressing boils down to two things: comfort and sun protection. This means clothes that allow unrestricted movement, keep me cool on a hot day, and protect my paler than pale skin from the sun. Sounds easy, but I think it's still very much a work-in-progress.

To be honest, I often wonder if there even is such a thing as the perfect summer wardrobe, or the perfect summer outfit. And that's why I thought I should review my best outfits from last summer, and use that as my guideline when deciding what to keep and what to buy. And this is what I came up with:

1. Dresses

In my book, a dress is the ultimate summer outfit: cool and flirty, and so practical. It doesn't get easier than that: just one piece and you're done. It's one-stop dressing at its best.

Of course, dresses come in many forms, and some are more practical than others. Personally, I prefer looser styles in summer as they're more comfortable in hot weather.

This is one of my favourite dresses (see the original post HERE). I love everything about it: the style, the cut, the material, the colour... But even though it's perfect for a moderately warm day (about 20℃ / 68℉), it's not what I'd wear on a hot day (for the record, for me that's anything over  24℃ / 75℉). 

It's the belt. As much as I like the way it looks, I find it extremely uncomfortable when it's hot. 

shirtwaist over 40

No, I definitely don't want anything around my waist then. As far as clothes go, hot weather calls for something feather light that barely touches my skin. In other words, something like this (see the original post HERE):

Yes, this outfit is (almost) perfect for a very hot day: it skims the body without clinging, and the kimono provides some sun protection for my arms. Of course, the dress is knee-length, so my legs are still exposed. That's why I say it's almost perfect...

2. Loose-Fitting Trousers or Harem Pants  

Well, last summer I definitely liked wearing loose-fitting, ankle-length harem pants. I found them very elegant yet casual, and as comfortable as pyjama pants (original post HERE and HERE).

3. Maxi-Dresses and Linen Shirts

Long skirts or maxi dresses worn with a chambray linen shirt was practically my uniform last summer (original posts HERE and HERE). The dress / skirt is long enough to actually provide some sun protection, and loose enough to be comfortable.

And long-sleeved linen shirts... I have about half a dozen of them, in various colours. If ever there was a summer style staple, this is it. For me, at least. I mostly wear them tied at the waist (worn loose they can be a bit too boxy for my liking, so this is an easy way to provide some waist definition).

So, based on my review, all I need for summer is some pyjamas and muumuus... Hmmm... not very creative. But on the other hand, if it works... OK, I guess I'd better go shopping then...

What are you going to get for summer?



Friday, 14 April 2017

Happy Easter!

Easter 2017

Happy Easter!

Hyvää Pääsiäistä!




Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Cool Blue

how to look cool over 50

OK, we've all been there. Well, most of us. And it's not the end of the world. OK, fine, maybe it is, but I'm hell bent on pretending it's not.

I'm talking about the horrible moment when the trousers you were wearing just a few months ago suddenly don't fit anymore...

I mean, what are you supposed to do about it? Other than lay off the chocolate, of course. Maybe actually get to the gym every once in a while. Well, that's all very clear and simple, in theory... But before we get to the all-important lay-off-the-chocolate-and-get-your-expanding-butt-to-the-gym phase, there's something even more important to do:


Well, that's what I did, anyway.

The thing is, I've never been on a diet in my life. For most of my life I've been able to eat anything I want, as much as I want, without putting on weight. OK, the weight has been piling up a bit in the last 10-15 years... But my point is, I've never considered myself overweight, and never worried about not fitting into my clothes. Until now. So, I don't know what the protocol is. This is all new to me, and something I thought was beyond the realm of possibility.

So, when my trousers (which I last wore in autumn) suddenly felt too tight, I really freaked out. As in this-can't-be-happening-oh-my-God-why-me freaked out. And then I swore never to touch a piece of chocolate again. Yeah, that lasted a few hours... and then I gobbled up all the chocolate I could get my hands on. You know, being depressed and all...

But I finally pulled myself together, put on the only (well, almost) pair of jeans that fits comfortably and decided that I may not be slim but I can still be cool...

So, this is me, not putting on a brave face, but giving you my best don't-I-look-cool impression.

As for the unwanted weight gain... I'm still in the freaking out phase, don't know what the protocol is and still self-medicating with chocolate... HELP!!!

boyfriend jeans over 40
40+ blogger
distressed denim over 50

Outfit details:
coat: Jaeger / jeans: Opus / shirt: Marks and Spencer / shoes: Clarks / 
bag: Chanel / sunglasses: Michael Kors / scarf: Alexander McQueen

Any quick tips on losing the extra weight? 



Thursday, 6 April 2017

Spring Fatigue

over 50 blogger

I really, really hate all my clothes at the moment. Well, maybe hate is a bit too strong a word. But I definitely have an occasional, irrational urge to just burn all my clothes. I'm just so bored with my wardrobe. My winter wardrobe, that is.

What? It's spring? Getting sunny and warm? Oh please! I'm in Finland: Mother Nature may just decide to dump a fresh load of snow on us on a whim, April or not... And sure, we do get sunny days, lots of them. But they're usually accompanied by balmy temperatures of 5 °C (= 41 °F) or so this time of the year...

Burberry bag

So, to say I'm ready for some warmer weather would be an understatement... And at this point I'm really struggling to come up with new outfits. And that's why I keep wearing the same clothes all the time. Dressing up is such a hassle, what with the weather being so moody (snow / rain / cold / windy or all of the above) and all. Really, why bother?

I've never understood why people complain about 'the cold, dark autumn'. I've always found spring a million times more depressing. I mean, you think it's finally getting warmer, and the sun is shining, and a moment later you're suddenly knee deep in snow. Or it's raining all the time, whatever.

I guess what I'm trying to say is spring doesn't inspire me at all (for the record: I love autumn).

I do look forward to summer, of course, eventually. But for now, I'm suffering from kevätväsymys. Yes, that's a word. It's Finnish, and it means getting a bit depressed and tired in spring. It has something to do with adjusting to the increasing light after the long, dark winter. And I've decided to make the most of it. So, it's OK to feel uninspired and bored, and it's OK to wear the same clothes all the time.

I'll get my groove back, of course. I promise. As soon as the temperature hits double digits... (yes, Mother Nature, that was a hint...)

weekend style over 40
pattern mixing over 50

Outfit details (all old):
down jacket: Beaumont / shirt: KappAhl / trousers: Marks and Spencer /
scarf: Zara / bag: Burberry / sunglasses: Marc Jacobs / shoes: Nike

Do you suffer from Spring Fatigue?



Saturday, 1 April 2017

Dress for the weather

40+ casual wear

Spring weather is a bit moody...

Sunshine one day, then sleet and rain the next. Or worse: a fresh coat of snow in the morning, just when you though you could burn all your winter clothes (or pack them away, which might be a better option for many reasons...)

Anyway, this is what I wear on a sort-of-cold-but-not-quite, almost-rainy day. It works, whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at me.

But could I wear this to work? Yes, I could, and I have. Of course, I work in a very casual (yet professional) environment, in a country with an extremely relaxed dress code. We dress for the weather. And the moody spring weather means anything goes.

40+ casual style
40+ blogger

Outfit details:
down jacket: Beaumont / jeans: Opus / top: Vila / bag: Furla / 
shoes: Clarks / belt: Diesel / wrist warmers: Brora

How do you dress for the moody spring weather?


PS: Have you seen the latest Dilettante Artist post yet? It's another self-portrait...

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