Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Hygge in Techicolour

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Apparently, anything Scandinavian is super cool these days...

Take hygge, for example. It's a Danish concept and means anything cosy, comfy, home-made and relaxing... Sitting on the sofa sipping a warm drink, wearing woollen socks and soft jumpers in muted greyish colours. And candle light, that's essential. Apparently, you need darkness to do hygge correctly. It has something to do with the romantic cosiness of the long, dark Nordic winter evenings...

OK, I'm Nordic, this should be a piece of cake, let's get all hygge...

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I definitely know everything there is to know about the long, dark Nordic winter evenings, but there is nothing inherently cosy or romantic about them. When you have about 5 hours of daylight you start getting a bit claustrophobic, cooped up indoors all evening, every evening, till spring...

Maybe the problem is that I'm not a Dane but a Finn. We're a bit more tightly wound: we can't just sit on the sofa wearing drab woollies, stroking a cat... No, seriously, we go a bit crazy. There's even a (Finnish) word for it: mökkihöperö. I believe Americans call it cabin fever...

But of course it gets a lot darker in Finland than it gets in Denmark. And a lot colder, too. And candles, they're a fire hazard. Or that's what my fire alarm thinks, anyway, going off at the slightest whiff of smoke...

And the cosy warmth of the soft grey woollen jumpers and socks... ARGHH! No, I need some bright colour to beat the winter drabness.

OK, so maybe I can't do hygge.

Winter is drab, cold and dark. It sucks, for sure, and it makes you depressed. So what? That's the Finnish way of getting through winter.

Screw hygge, that's for sissies. What we need is some serious headbanging now...

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  1. Ha ha! There is always a twist when I come here ; P


  2. Okay, so lets do some headbanging! Were is the music!

    1. We should start every morning with a bit of headbanging... :)

  3. The scarf and top are a perfect match

    1. Thanks, Nicole! And they're both cashmere...

  4. Loving the blues! I totally agree with you on winter, nothing romantic at all!!
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear


    1. Thanks, Mel! No, nothing romantic about winter, I totally agree. But I guess you have to live it to believe it...

  5. Such pretty shades of blue! Oh, I don't believe I could do hygge, either. Thanks for sharing the concept.

    Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    1. Thanks! Well, there are many ways to get through winter...


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