Saturday, 22 October 2016

What is luxury?

cashmere cardigan over 50

I like luxury

Yes, I said it: I like luxury. And I make no compromises as far as that is concerned: only the best will do.

Of course, what is considered luxury varies from person to person. So, let me explain what it means to me. Luxury means quality and attention to detail. And luxury means being comfortable and at ease with yourself and the world, without having to conform to someone else's idea of beauty or style.

Or, as one of my role models, Coco Chanel said: "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury". Can't beat that as far as a definition of luxury is concerned, huh?

In my opinion, luxury is less about looks; it is something that feels good. Like this old cashmere cardigan (which has been featured on the blog many, many times...). It may look very basic, bland even, but I wouldn't exchange it for a dozen new, trendy cardigans (unless they were cashmere, too, of course).

So, what is it that makes cashmere so luxurious in my opinion? For starters, cashmere is soft and gentle on sensitive skin. It's also warm. Which is why all my jumpers and (winter) cardigans are made of cashmere.

So, luxury for me is something timeless, durable, and comfortable. It may not draw attention to itself, but it makes you feel pampered and special. And you can wear it with anything.

But what about trends? 

Sure, it's great to have classic, quality pieces, but isn't that just a bit boring? Isn't fashion, and style, supposed to be fun? And shouldn't my style also reflect my personality?

cashmere cardigan

Add cool accessories

That's what accessories are for: to add interest to an otherwise boring outfit. And to elevate this rather basic outfit from bland to cool, I added some leopard print and stripes.

I also wanted my accessories to contrast with the autumnal, somewhat monochromatic colour scheme of the outfit. I often use a rather simple outfit as a backdrop for statement accessories. I find it gives me more styling options and allows me to get more wear out of my clothes. And who doesn't love statement accessories?

fall style
stripy tote
over 50 blogger

Outfit details:
cashmere cardigan: Brora (old) / trousers: Marks and Spencer / bag: Marimekko /  shoes: Clarks (old)
white shirt: Sand / belt: el Corte Ingles / sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana (old) / 

How do you wear your accessories?



  1. The sunglasses with the belt are great on the color of the cardigan. I agree that luxury is a veel. Luxury is when you have no big problems, when youre healthy, when you feel comfortable with yourself etc.

  2. Agree that there's nothing quite like cashmere. Even in southern winters, a cashmere sweater feels like heaven. Love how you accessorized your sweater - you look fab. xo


  3. You are right sweet Tiina. There are few things in winter that can beat cashmere. And accessories do make a huge difference.
    Looking good.

  4. Lovely and truly luxurious outfit! Can you believe that I don't own any cashmere cardigan or sweater? I would love to, but I guess prices keep me off so far. But one of those days, I will find one and fall in love. I just know it will happen. :)

    I think of comfort, high quality and rich soft textures when it comes to luxury. Fall and Winter kind of fabrics, fur, leather, silk, soft wool, velvet... just as you demonstrate here!

    Thank you for linking to Midlife Fun!

    1. Yes, cashmere is expensive, but really worth it. I usually buy one cashmere piece a year, slowly building up a nice collection of classic sweaters and cardigans to wear forever.

  5. Luxury to me is about the feel, quality and longevity and your cashmere cardigan fits this well.I agree that accesories are always the finishing touches.

  6. I love that you belted the sweater! It's so flattering. Leopard and cashmere is perfection for a fall or winter day. :)

  7. I agree with the definition of luxury, I love it too. I do think one has to be comfortable and feel it. These berry tones are so flattering on you! I really could use a leopard belt like yours, so nice!
    Thanks for linking up with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  8. What a lovely berry colored cardigan/top. I couldn't agree more with the luxury/COco statement.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me" link up
    Rachel xo

  9. You're so right that definitions are dependent on the person!
    Luxury to me is the ability to wear what I want, when I want to!! Of course having clothing items that fit and feel good are part of that too!!
    I love your leopard belt---thanks for the reminder that I should wear mine!!

  10. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  11. I love your definition of luxury and your look is quite luxurious!

  12. Tiina, I love these colors and the accessories are perfect. I only have one cashmere sweater and I could seriously live in it! So soft and cozy and warm. I agree that you cannot beat cashmere! Thanks for linking up with me On the Edge.



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