Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Inspiration: Nature's Own Colour Palette

fall colors

Don't you just love autumn colours?

When we talk about 'autumn colours', most of us think of warm, slightly muted colours: rusty reds, mustard yellows and rich burgundy and plum shades. But there's more to autumn colours than that.

Mother Nature has more than one colour palette up her sleeve: from the most subtle pastels to dark and deep. Nor are we restricted to warm colours; autumn also has a few cooler tones to offer. But the best thing is that  Mother Nature does not hesitate to combine warm colours with cold colours. If you look around, you see that pretty much anything goes; no color combination is out of bounds. And yet, everything blends in harmoniously. I think we could learn a thing or two about colour harmony by observing what is around us.

Take a look at these soft shades:

fall leaves
autumn colours

What about something with a bit more contrast? 

autumn colours
fall colors

I wonder how these colour palettes would translate into outfits...


PS: I used one of these pictures as inspiration for the latest Dilettante Artist post. In other words, I used a few of Photoshop filters, fiddled with the colours a bit etc...

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  1. When you re walking in the Woods right now, preferably on a Sunny day, the colors are so beautiful. And if you have a Japanese Cherry Tree in the garden , its now bright red! So gorgeous!

    1. Oh yes, I love autumn colours! Of course, it's already late autumn in Finland and pretty soon the trees will be completely bare (we're getting to the less nice part of autumn, and it's getting cold...)

  2. Beautiful colours :)


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