Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Summer recap, sort of...

maxiskirt over 40

This is it, the recap of my summer favourites...

What, you expected a post with photo compilations of all of my favourite outfits?

Yes, I suppose I could do that, but I won't. I don't have time to edit that many photos right now, and I don't really feel like doing it, either. And since these pictures were actually taken in mid-August, I think it's about time I post them.

Still, I'm going to call this a recap.

Why? Because for me, this outfit epitomises summer 2016. For starters, except for the shoes, everything is 'new', as in something I bought this summer. Well, I bought the scarf in April, but close enough...

Anyway, I was practically living in this skirt this summer, and I've featured the cardigan on the blog no less than 4 times, not counting this post. The colour scheme (blue, white, red and peach) has also dominated my wardrobe this summer.

Of course, we could also call this post the ultimate example of a capsule wardrobe.  Which is more or less the same thing as my summer favourites...

maxi skirt
casual summer style

Outfit details:
maxi skirt: Lexington (seen before HERE, HERE and HERE) / 
cardigan: Soyaconcept (seen before HERE, HEREHERE, and HERE) / 
t-shirt: KappAhl / pashmina: Carolina Herrera / bag: Furla / 
shoes: Clarks (old) / sunglasses: Michael Kors

What were your summer favourites this year?



  1. Whatever! Haha, you look beautiful anyway!

  2. When a piece works as well as this skirt does, you should wear it all the time.

    1. Oh, I was... I was wearing this skirt almost all the time this summer. I actually liked it so much that I bought two of them. Yes, two, the exact same skirt...

  3. I love maxi skirts for the summer because they transition well into fall - enjoy the first day of autumn #PersonalStyleLinkUp

  4. Pretty look! And thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday!

    Dawn Lucy

  5. I have clothes I wear like that. The color, the fit, the comfort. You always look lovely.

    1. Thank you, Susan, it is so sweet of you to say that.


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