Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I want to wear some colour!

how to wear color over 50

I want to wear colour...

And by colour I mean other colours besides blue and red. Not that there's anything wrong with blue and red, quite the contrary. After all, my wardrobe is full of blue clothes. In my world, navy is 'the new black'. And the old black, too. Navy is simply what I wear instead of black (so much kinder to my face).

And red... Well, I don't have a lot of red clothes, just a few accessories. But as I spent my entire childhood, and most of my 20's, wearing mainly red, I often feel that I need to put it aside and explore all the choices the colour wheel has to offer.

So, the challenge today is to wear anything but blue or red. That shouldn't be too hard...

gingham skirt

So, I need colour... 

Autumn colours, right? Something deep and saturated...

But not brown, at least not next to my face. Or yellow, no I don't think so. And I've been experimenting with orange  this summer quite a bit. OK, I have a bag and a linen shirt in peach, and a dress with an orange and navy pattern, but you get the idea. And pink... OK, I love pink, but maybe not for autumn.

And have you noticed how difficult it is to find any pink clothes in shops? I'm not talking about the subtle, barely-there blush or the bubble gum pink you see on little girls and reality show wannabes. I'm talking about the sophisticated pink that a mature professional woman can wear without looking like she gets her fashion tips from Barbie. So, no pink...

And why is my wardrobe a sea of blue clothes?!? What's wrong with me???

Help! There aren't enough colours on the colour wheel!

Well, I have a purple trench. And I got this mint green skirt a few months ago, and I haven't even worn it yet. And this Custo Barcelona top has subtle but quite unusual (for me) colours, and it goes with practically anything. Now, let's add a pale pink bag and green shoes, and I'm back in business. Yes! I'm kicking some colour wheel butt with this outfit!

Furla tote bag
over 40 blogger

Outfit details:
coat: Hobbs (old) / skirt: Boden / t-shirt: Custo Barcelona / 
shoes: Ecco (old) / bag: Furla (old) / sunglasses: Marimekko

What are your favourite colours for autumn?



  1. I adore the colours in this outfit! I think you should be wearing purple and green all the time. They suit you so well.


    1. Thanks, Suzanne. I love Purple and green, and I wish I had more clothes in those colours. A reason to go shopping, maybe?

  2. Oh, purple and green is one of my favourite colour combinations! And I agree with Suzanne, you look really vibrant in this outfit. The red lipstick even gets a new look, standing in contrast to the outfit colours rather than matching or toning in.

    1. Thanks! I never match my lipstick to my clothes but wear a colour that suits my natural colouring. Actually, I wear the same lipstick most of the time, never mind what I'm wearing...

  3. What an apples!.....But that purple looks great and I love your skirt!

  4. I love the shades of purple you are wearing! Perfect with your complexion, and how fun is the statement tee under the jacket!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  5. That coat is beautiful - and such a nice colour on you! :) The top is perfect with it. I'm very similar, I have a lot of clothes but most are blue, or grey, haha. I'd struggle to wear too many different colours often!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks, Mica. My go-to colour is navy, or any shade of blue. I would love to wear more colours, though, but can't often find 'my colours' in shops.

  6. I adore color too and this coat is fabulous! I love how you mixed the colors perfectly in this ensemble!


  7. You definitely can't go wrong with a bit of colour! It not only brightens your outfit, but also your mood!

    Isobel x

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  8. I miss colours too but still wear them in the fall. I would love if you can link up to http://the-wardrobe-stylist.com/2016/09/26/losing-baby-weight-4-pregnancies-3-kids-later-episode-5/

    1. Well, I do wear a lot of colour... Mainly blue... But I think I need to experiment a bit more.

  9. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Burgundy, I guess.

    1. Oh yes, burgundy! I need to get something burgundy, too...

  10. Great outfit Tiina! I'm a huge fan of colours in any combination and think this trench is fabulous and a good starting point for many wonderful autumn ensembles. I look forward to seeing it again. Have a great weekend x

    1. Thanks, Anna. I have this same coat also in blue...

  11. Oh, this purple trench! It looks fantastic with your green checked skirt and cool patterned top. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    1. Thanks! I love this colour combo, too.


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