Sunday, 29 March 2015


how to wear pink 40+

This is what happens when you have clothes in two places: you have half an outfit and end up looking as if you got dressed in the dark...

You may remember the tweed jacket from a few weeks ago when I paired it with a hot pink dress. And the top has been featured on the blog, too (I really need to go shopping...).
Anyway, I wanted to see how the jacket would look like teamed with the top, and maybe with jeans...
And there's the problem... as it turn out, all my jeans were unavailable (= in England, these photos were taken in Finland), and now I see that the trousers I'm wearing here are a bit too dark to work with the rest of the outfit. Oh well, that's life: nothing's perfect, and your clothes are always in the wrong country. We'll have to try the jacket with jeans combo another time...

over 40 blogger

I am wearing:
jacket: Andiata (old) / top; Jigsaw (old) / trousers: marks and Spencer (old) / 
sunglasses: Prada (old) / bag: Chanel / shoes: Clarks (s/s 2014)

What about you, do you ever improvise outfits?


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

One Year Blogiversary

Tiina Lehtoranta

Elegance Revisited is now 1 year old...

Can you believe it? Time flies, it's been an interesting journey and other such clichés aside, I thought I should do a 'retrospective', to showcase some of my favourite looks.

Looking back, I can clearly see that I have a tendency to repeat certain  types of outfits. However, I don't see it as a problem. Quite the contrary: I'd like to think I have a clear point of view in terms of how I choose to present myself to the world. That can't be bad.

You see, deep down, I'm a creature of habit: I strive for constancy. Yet, I have two homes in two countries, several jobs, irregular income and an often hectic schedule. So, the fact that I can pull myself together to create some constancy in my life in the form of an identifiable, individual 'look' is extremely comforting. It's like a sartorial expression of my sense of identity: my life may be chaotic, but I know who I am. Call it a security blanket, sort of...

So, here you have it, some of my favourite posts, or my most typical outfits:

Summer of winter, I love big scarves... (original posts: winter / summer)

casual fashion

But I love the cape / wrap / blanket scarf even more... After all, I have the exact same wrap in 3 colours:
 (original posts: white / red / blue)


I know what you're thinking: what I really love is that Breton-stripe top... I can't promise you won't see it (or something else in blue and white stripes) again...

Anyway, I love pink, and figure hugging dresses: (original posts: retro / glam / summer)

over40 style
40+ retro
summer style

I usually prefer a sophisticated, polished look: (original post

sophisticated style

But I do have a dark(er) side, too: every now and then my inner Rock Chick takes over:
(original posts: left / right)

rock style

According to my photographer, a.k.a. husband, the best outfits combine polished sophistication with a bit of rock and roll attitude: (Professor M's favourite post)

40+ fashion

I would also like to thank you all for stopping by, reading, commenting, and especially for coming back. After all, without you this blog would not have survived so long... like most of my hobbies, no doubt I would have given it up by now if it wasn't for your loyalty. Thank you.


Sunday, 22 March 2015

How to style a Missoni poncho


I've had this poncho for years, and I've only worn it a handful of times. I bought it at full price, and it was a lot more expensive than most of my clothes. But it was love at first sight, and you can't put a price tag on love (that's what credit cards are for... just joking). I still love it, I think it's quite a statement piece. And I think it's time it starts earning its keep.

I don't usually buy clothes that I don't wear, and I'm very efficient when it comes to getting rid of clothes that have lost their appeal. But I hang on to this one, thinking that one day I will find a way to wear it. Well, this is a step in that direction...


From a purely practical point of view, I find the poncho a bit challenging. For starters, it's too bulky to be worn under a winter coat. And when it's warm enough to lose the coat, it's probably too warm for a wool poncho...

And the neckline is quite wide, and I need something around my neck to keep me warm and help me avoid catching a cold (I don't wear scarves just for fun...). Of course, the logical solution would be to wear a turtleneck underneath. Except that I can't stand them; they make me feel I'm being strangled...

Oh, and I lost the belt that came with the poncho, too. But I think this old belt works just fine (and I can't remember where or when I got it...).

how to style a Missoni poncho

Everything I'm wearing is old:
poncho: Missoni  / bag: Gloria Ortiz (El Corte Inglés) / top: Primark / trousers: Marks and Spencer / shoes: Clarks / sunglasses: Prada / ear rings: Thomas Sabo 

What do you do with clothes that are difficult to wear or style?


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Déjà Vu...

wrap dress

Yes, I know... you've seen the coat before (more than once), you've even seen it together with this dress...

Well, like most women I have limited funds and closet space, and have to find ways to wear the same old clothes again and again. And why not, especially if I like the clothes in question. I might change the accessories, but I don't go out of my way to think of new ways to style an old dress. Real life makes so many demands on our time and energy that sometimes we just go with the same old plan, just to free up some brain power for more pressing tasks.

wrapdress over 40

To be honest, my plan here was to just show you the dress a little better, as the previous post with this particular combo focused more on the coat. But it was so cold and windy when we took these pictures that I really, really wanted to wrap something around my shoulders...

I am wearing:
dress: Boden (old) / coat: reiss (old) / sunglasses : Tom Ford (old) /
 magnifying glass pendant from the Portobello Road Market


Sunday, 15 March 2015

A pale girl's guide to looking edgy without looking drab

40+ edgy style

Edgy style...

Every now and then I take a step on the dark side, give in to my inner rebel and let the angry rock chick roam free... Well, usually I just flirt with edgy accessories, mixing them with streamlined shapes and my usual palette of colours. Monochrome black really isn't my thing. That is, It's not my thing anymore.

40+ edgy style

Like most women, I used to wear a lot of black at one point. Then I just got tired of it. After all, it didn't really do much to help me stand out in a positive way. It didn't make me look stylish or interesting, either, only pale and drab. For the record: "pale and interesting" is a completely theoretical concept; in real life it's an oxymoron.

Women with olive skin tones look amazing in all black (and white, and pale pastels...), but if you skin is very pale with pinkish undertones, like mine, it may be better to add a little bit of colour to soften the look. Just substituting black with grey is not going to be enough: sure, it's softer than all black, but it's still draining all colour from your face. Not very encouraging, if clothes are supposed to make us look and feel our best, bring that inner glow onto the surface...

And to be honest, at my age I take all the help I can get to look glowingly fresh-faced and well-rested. And if a little bit of colour is the easiest way to do that, then so be it. That's why there has to be an element of colour in my mock-monochromatic look here: the burgundy cardigan is dark enough to go with the edgy style but brings some colour to my face. Well, that and some bright lipstick...

40+ edgy style

I am wearing:
leather skirt: Karen Millen (old) / t-shirt: Queen of Evil (old) / cashmere cardigan: Brora (a/w 2014) / boots: Bronx (old) / bag: Chanel / bangle: Jessica Cagan Cushman

what about you? How do you get that edgy look?


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Pink Dress: Posh

pink dress

And the pink dress is back...

...and looking very posh indeed. I mean, who wouldn't want to look posh? I certainly have those days when I want to look like a million (insert your choice of currency here) as that's as close as I can ever hope to come to that particular dream...
So, this here is my posh, unashamedly fake rich bitch look for the final part of the 3-part series featuring this pink dress.

tailored dress

Unlike the retro look and the glamour look, this one requires a change of accessories. A classic bag and a conservative jacket together with a streamlined dress give this look a more 'expensive vibe'.

But, I think it's the shoes that give me away: I should have gone for something muted, maybe taupe or another non-colour, with a much higher heel. And that's the difference between fake posh and the real thing: if you're really posh, you don't need to walk anywhere and can wear uncomfortable shoes...

I am wearing:
dress: L.K.Bennett (old) / jacket: Andiata (old) /shoes: Clarks / bag: Chanel /
sunglasses: Chanel / ear rings: Thomas Sabo

So, now I've shown you 3 different looks featuring this pink dress. And I'm going to add a 4th one: I featured this dress last summer. However, I don't think it's a dress for summer: as it's fully lined, it's way too hot.

So, just the 3 recent looks:

retro style

Which one is your favourite?


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Heavy Metal, Cobalt and Black

leather skirt

It's that sartorially challenging in-between time again: winter clothes are too heavy and bulky, and spring clothes are not quite warm enough. And then there's the mud, and pools of water or an odd patch of snow here and there. It's not warm enough to lose the boots, that's for sure, and I think I will be hanging onto a wool coat for a bit longer, too. But maybe it's time to ditch the cashmere sweaters for something lighter...

winter boots

The boots were the starting point for this outfit. I felt the weather called for  heavy-duty footwear, and as I don't wear skinny jeans (never, not going to happen), I will of course pair knee-high boots with a skirt. And as I only have 2 skirts (I'm more of a dress person...) and have shown you the boots with the other one already, I went for a leather skirt... And then it got a bit heavy-metal from there...

Chanel bag

I am wearing:
coat: Reiss (old) / top: Banana Republic (old) / leather skirt: Karen Millen (old) / scarf: Alexander McQueen / boots: Bronx (old) / bag: Chanel / sunglasses: Chanel

 Are you still in winter wear or starting to wear spring clothes?


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pink Dress: Glamour

how to look glam over 40

For the second part of my 3-part series featuring this fitted, pink dress I decided to go for full-on glamour. So, what you see here is me channeling the early 60's Italian movie stars...
This look is elegant and sophisticated rather than revealing or in-you-face-sexy. So, to counteract the attention-grabbing hot pink of the dress, I have to keep everything else muted, streamlined and clutter-free.

retro dress over 40

As you can see, it's not just the dress that is the same as in the previous look but also the shoes and the bag. That is on purpose, of course, as I want to demonstrate that really small changes can make a huge difference. So, I've added sunglasses, pearl ear rings, a brooch and a coat (which you've seen so many times that you must be tired of it by now).

rhinestone brooch

With an elegant, glamorous look, it is important to keep the jewellery simple and understated. A few carefully selected pieces are enough. So, choose either ear rings or a necklace, not both.

glam over 50

I am wearing
dress: L.K.Bennett (old) / coat: Marks & Spencer (A/W 2014) / bag: Michael Kors (old) / shoes: Clarks (old) / sunglasses: Prada (old) / ear rings: Thomas Sabo / brooch: Swarowski (old) / leather flower pin: Viaminnet

Do you like glamorous looks?


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pink Dress: Retro Style

fitted dress

I'm going retro...

For my first post in the 3-part series featuring 3 different looks with this fitted, tailored pink dress, I decided to go retro. And by retro I mean the early 60's Mad Men style: the sexy, fitted but modest dresses, ladylike accessories, the tidy hairdos, the pearls...  I don't often dress like that, though. For starters, I have serious doubts whether I can pull off ladylike. Convincingly, I mean.

retro dress 40+

Let's be honest, there's nothing modest or subdued about me: I swear (a lot), express myself in no uncertain terms, and have an uncanny tendency to fall over my own feet (especially on the extremely rare occasions when I'm wearing heels). And the tidy hairdo bit... well, I blame my genes. I've tried just about everything possible to tame my hair (without destroying it in the process), and I've sort of settled for slightly messy. My hair has a mind of it own, and a good hair day is a day when I and my hair are in agreement on the day's 'look'... For the record, I do have a foolproof method of getting that wavy, 40's movie star look: it involves a big round brush, a hairdryer and a sauna. Needless to say, the sauna was not available when these photos were taken...

Anyway, This is a look I have actually worn to work (though not this particular dress; it's a bit too low-cut). A fitted dress and a cropped cashmere cardigan was sort of a signature winter look for me a couple of years ago (although usually with boots instead of shoes), but I have worn it less more recently. It's because these sort of dresses are a bit too high-maintenance: they must be dry-cleaned, and I'm getting a bit too lazy for that.


I am wearing:
dress: L.K.Bennett (old) / Cardigan: Brora (similar) /bag: Michael Kors (old) / shoes: Clarks (old) / necklace: Snö of Sweden (old), brooch: Arlequin Máscaras, Barcelona

And the other two looks featuring this dress? I'm thinking less modest, more glamour, maybe a bit posh, too... We'll get back to that.

Do you like retro looks?

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