Sunday, 30 March 2014


I designed the logo on my blog header myself, based on a (very old) photograph. I wanted something that looks quite simple yet a bit glamorous at the same time. I usually hate having my picture taken, and I am not in the least photogenic (weird expressions, a shiny face and frizzy hair is more my style...). This time I decided to tweak the source image to suit my purposes, and as a result my alter ego got a sort of a "Charlie's Angels" style glam makeover...

Tiina L illustration

I used Photoshop Elements 10, using various filters (e.g. cutout, poster edges, solarize) only as reference or guideline, and actually drew the outline and filled in the colour. This is partly because the source picture is not very good, and I need to fill in the details anyway. I suppose this would be a lot easier (and a lot less time-consuming) using vector graphics, and in the future I hope to have an opportunity (and time and patience) to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator...
But for now, this will have to do. I have of course simplified the process here, as this really took me hours and hours (if not dozens of hours) of hard work. And I admit to taking some creative freedom, especially as far as the hair is concerned...

The source image is a photograph of me when I was 17 (in the early 1980s).

What do you think, is it glam or not?

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